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GSP Photo Calendar

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Photo Submission - 08/20/22 - 09/17/22

Voting - 09/11/22 - 10/2/22

2nd Annual WGSPR Calendar Photo Contest

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Calendar Photo Contest Fundraiser!

An Easy and Fun Way to Help Us Help Our GSP’s!

2021 was our 1st year of running the calendar photo contest, and we know with your help we can make this year an even bigger success.

DO YOU have the best-looking German Shorthair Pointer? Well, here’s your chance to show them off! Enter your GSP’s picture here ($5 registration fee to enter your GSP’s in the contest) and then wait for the votes to roll in. Get busy and back up those bragging rights and enter your favorite photo of your GSP(s) to win one of the 13 coveted spots in our WGSPR Photo Calendar. The top vote earner will be on the cover of the calendar!

Some tips:

  • Please NO people in the photos.
  • Please make sure your photos are of high enough quality for calendar printing. The better the resolution, the clearer the photograph will show on the calendar. We will contact you if you need to provide an alternate photo due to low quality.
  • The more you communicate your participation in the contest (i.e. at work, with friends, via Social media), the better chances you have to win one of the top spots and the more our GSP’s benefit.
  • Calendars make great holiday gifts!
  • In case of a tie, we will make sure the winners are included even if it means two GSP’s share the “GSP of the month”.
  • We will attempt to include all photos submitted in the calendar (although in a smaller size).
  • This is a fun and exciting way to show you care as a GSP owner and help GSP’s in need.


Supporters can vote as often as they like.  Remember to encourage friends and families to vote and share often. The calendar fundraiser will help WGSPR continue its efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome GSP’s in need.

* Photo submission payments must be completed by the last day of submission to be entered into the contest



Calendar Cover Photo (1)

The GSP with the most votes will win the Calendar cover spot.

First prizes (12, or more if there is a tie)

Each photo will be featured for one month in the calendar.

Free Calendar (3)

If your photo is one of the top three you will receive a free calendar (and bragging rights).

Consolation (all)

Depending on the number of entries submitted we will attempt to feature all photos somewhere in the calendar.

Want to Honor Your GSP’s Photo in the Calendar?

Reserve a day to honor your pup. For a $5 donation, your dog’s photo will be placed on the day of your choice (foster date, adoption, birthday, anniversary). Just choose your favorite photo and then choose the month and day.  Once a date has been reserved, it will no longer be available (first come first serve).  If the date you want is already reserved by someone else, we will contact you for an alternate date. You do not need to enter the contest if you just want your GSP’s picture on the calendar.

Pre-Order your calendar!

Help us manage the number of calendars needed by pre-ordering your calendar now.

Raised $2475 USD ----------------------------------------------------------------- Goal $2000 USD

Contest winners

1 place
Benelli May 30 2022 []
2 place
Barron’s sunset []
3 place
Dad dad, guess how deep the mud is! []
4 place
Sisters in CO, 2022 nationals []
5 place
A little bit naught a little bit nice ~River []
6 place
Myron in Daisies []
7 place
Keegan Welcomes Summer []
8 place
Patriotic Jager []
9 place
Calender Entry []
10 place
Beautiful Blossom []
11 place
Oren the Alpine Prince []
12 place
Magnum, Winchester, and Benelli []
13 place
Kiki's school photo []
Keegan Welcomes Summer
Vote count:  150
Hattie loves "Sun" Days!
Vote count:  5
Vote count:  25
Vote count:  0
Magnum, Winchester, and Benelli
Vote count:  115
Janice Shriver
Vote count:  0
Janice Shriver
Vote count:  0
Janice Shriver
Vote count:  0
Janice Shriver
Vote count:  0
Janice Shriver
Vote count:  0
Janice Shriver
Vote count:  10
Myron in Daisies
Vote count:  166
Wisconsin Winter Wonderland
Vote count:  5
Thank you First Responders!
Vote count:  25
Oren the Alpine Prince
Vote count:  118
It is rough hunting chipmunks all day long
Vote count:  16
Vote count:  23
Patricia Miller
Vote count:  5
Indy's I really would like a cookie look
Vote count:  0
Indy out at the apple orchard
Vote count:  0
Pepperoni Louise
Vote count:  0
Guppy Puppy
Vote count:  11
Who will make the first move?
Vote count:  5
Vote count:  5
Will plays in the leaves
Vote count:  0
Patriotic Jager
Vote count:  131
Vote count:  0
WGSPR Boys: Timber, Rocky and Willis
Vote count:  0
Beautiful Blossom
Vote count:  129
Koa and Kiki
Vote count:  28
How cute am I
Vote count:  23
Kiki's school photo
Vote count:  115
Who doesn't wear their donut e-collar while sitting outside?
Vote count:  11
GSP yoga
Vote count:  5
Dad dad, guess how deep the mud is!
Vote count:  189
Henry and Spencer
Vote count:  25
What a princess
Vote count:  25
Joy Johnson
Vote count:  0
Winnie on point
Vote count:  0
Ivan and Navi
Vote count:  90
Ava Bean
Vote count:  0
Vote count:  0
Maddie Mae
Vote count:  0
WGSPR Foster Fails
Vote count:  0
A little bit naught a little bit nice ~River
Vote count:  167
Lyza’s Summer
Vote count:  5
Ruffed Grouse Magnet
Vote count:  0
Barron’s sunset
Vote count:  281
Dock Diver Duke
Vote count:  0
Benelli May 30 2022
Vote count:  370
Sako in the snow
Vote count:  0
Sweet Sako
Vote count:  5
Deep thoughts, with Dexter and Tic
Vote count:  0
Sisters in CO, 2022 nationals
Vote count:  173
WGSPR boys: Timber, Willis & Rocky
Vote count:  5
Steve Smith
Vote count:  0
Calender Entry
Vote count:  130



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