Wisconsin German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

WGSPR dedicates this page to those GSP rescues that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

I Am Not There

Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn’s rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there, I did not die.

*Various sources attribute this poem to the one of the following authors: (A) Mary Frye (B) Joyce Fossen (C) An unknown member of the Hobi Native American Tribe

Bubba Ray

Bubba ray was found on the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota as a baby. Bubba was fostered by Stephanie and A.J and family and was sent to his new home. Bubba was too much dog for the family and he was brought back into rescue. Our family had just lost the first dog we adopted from WGSPR . I got the call asking to take this young dog that had been returned to rescue. I said yes and the journey began. He was so beautiful with his brown face and just a snot! He would bite the back of Elisa’s legs and took every shoe and whatever outside. He was a runner and jumper and loved his yard. He was the sweetest and funniest and naughtiest. Typical pointer! He flipped a mattress off a bed once while trying to get a treat and blew up a pillow in the bedroom because he was bored. He chased light and shadows and reflections barking at them all as if they were going to get us. He was my heart dog and my sleeping buddy. We took naps together and snuggled when dad was gone for work. He was well trained and loved to hunt, small animals and any critter in his yard. He was the best foster brother anyone could ask for. His best quality though was his loving personality and his huge pout. I had never seen such a face and fell madly in love. He had cancer and allergies and stomach issues and he loved life. He passed away watching his yard suddenly  a few weeks ago. He was the typical Pointer and he will be truly missed. We love you so much Bubba Ray. We will see you again. Have a great time hunting with Blue and Rocky over the rainbow bridge.

March 7 2024


Angel came to live with us in September of 2017. We were told this beautiful girl had issues and we were up for the challenge. The lovely couple that had fostered Angel explained that she was an escape artist. The first morning we had her, while I was putting together breakfast for her and her fur siblings, I looked up and didn’t see her. In a matter of minutes she had figured out how to open the door, had let herself out and was on the run. I chased her for 45 minutes through corn fields and woods. I was able to grab her collar and then took a few minutes to catch my breath. I got her back in the house and locked all the doors. As I pointed my finger at her to give her the “don’t do that” speech, she ducked her head. It broke my heart, someone in her past had been mean to her. I ditched the speech and loved her up instead.
Angel was severely afraid of reflections and flashes. She scrambled and hid when we did dishes (because of the reflection on the ceiling), and we had to be extremely sneaky to get a picture of her. She had separation anxiety. The first time we left her alone in the house, we put her in our bedroom with some water. We weren’t gone very long. When we got home we unlocked and opened the house door. Angel and her siblings were there to greet us. It turns out her anxiety was so bad during that short period of time she has actually busted through a wall to get out of our room, to be by her siblings. We never put her in a room by herself again.
It took a long time to figure out her triggers and to adapt. As the months went by she tried to escape less and less, and the running away stopped. Eventually the only time she would let herself out would be to be with us if we were outside. She bonded with her brother and sister and the pack was inseparable. Angel loved her long walks, wandering aimlessly in the yard, or going for a swim. She also made friends with all the cats in the house.
The first three years we had her, she did not make any noise. No barking, no whining. Then all of a sudden one day she let out a single woof. It shocked us! She had found her voice. As she grew older, she got a little sassy and would bark to demand a treat.
As the years went by, her personality really came out. She became less scared, more adventurous, and so silly. When excited she would bounce around in circles until she almost tipped over. Winter was Angel’s favorite. Nothing made her happier than to go out in the yard and make snow angels, one after another, after another. It was hard to get her to focus on taking care of business if there was snow on the ground. Angel was food motivated and knew every trick in the book. She loved to have her forearms scratched and would nudge our arms if we weren’t keeping up with belly rubs like she wanted. Her sweet nature and playfulness came out more and more as the years went by.
She faced several health struggles over the years. Cushing’s Disease, kidney disease, and being prone to large fatty tumor growths were challenges for her, and we feel it is a true miracle that she lived to 15!
Earning her trust and love was the hardest thing we have had to do for a pet, but is undoubtedly the best. The reward was more than we ever could have expected. The love she brought to our home is beyond measure. Forever in our hearts…


Ava was what we call a foster failure due to being adopted by the family that was fostering her. She is now at peace and with her alum brother Brutus running free



She literally had us at “Hello”.  We picked up Xena from her temporary foster on August 14 and we fell for her immediately.  Xena was polite, sweet, and affectionate, and when we brought her home with us she fit right in with our other two pointers immediately.

Xena had a large, aggressive mast cell tumor on her leg (it was a relapse of a previously removed tumor).  Our worst fears were realized when the oncologist told us the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and liver.  We adopted Xena, and we decided to try to slow the progress with chemotherapy. 

Xena – true to her “warrior princess” moniker – barely let the treatments slow her down.  In the end, however, the cancer was more than her fighting spirit could overcome.

We made the heart-wrenching decision to help her cross the bridge on October 3 – just 7 short weeks after she cast her spell on us. 

Xena was an extraordinary dog.  Literally every person that met her fell in love with her immediately.  I know that her temp foster, Layla, our dear friend Julie, and the WGSPR “family” are grieving along with us, and we couldn’t have given Xena the same quality of life without them.

This is the magic – and heartache – of rescue, and it’s a story that many times goes untold.

 R.I.P. sweet Xena – we miss you, but we’re glad you’re not hurting any more.



-8/22/22 Daisy has lost her battle with lung cancer – she passed peacefully in my arms at the vets office this morning.



Today we said goodbye to Cooper (formerly Talon). We had more than 6 amazing years with him, in which he taught us that a good game a fetch can go on for an hours, only the favorite stuffed animals are worth of keeping their stuffing intact, ice cream is the best treat, gsps are so smart and can learn new words every week, and that he would steadfastly protect our yard from squirrels.

Thank you for granting us the privilege of being his furever home, and to the Lord family for being his foster home.

We miss Cooper something fierce, but know that he is comfortable and healthy, running free on the other side of the rainbow bridge.


We had to say goodbye to Tootsie this week. We are incredibly sad but forever grateful to have had her in our family for the last 10 years. We adopted her November 2011 and have a very quiet house now.


7/07/07 – 11/08/21

Hunter you entered our life at a year old through WI German Shorthair Pointer Rescue as a foster.  You were found as a stray but traced back to your owners through your tags.  When the shelter called them, the wife stated “It would be better if the dog doesn’t come back” – in other words they abandoned you there.   The tears in the boy’s eyes who cared for you at the kennel spoke to the great amount of unconditional love you gave and evoked in people and animals alike. That trait was one that drew countless people and animals to you throughout your entire life.   The struggle you gave us to simply put a collar on to bring you home gave us an inkling to the ghosts in your past – some would take over a year for you to let go.

We have fostered a lot of high-energy shorthairs, but you took it to a new level.  I swear you laughed at me with your eyes and lolling tongue when I attempted to run the energy off with you.  Is that all you got?  When it became evident you had had some decent leash training, we resorted to me biking and you running.  For the most part that worked out well- luckily, I saw the rabbit a split second before you did in front of my bike or it may have ended badly!  Friends would comment their dog had never been played out- but invariably you were the last dog still wanting to run and play.  You were an endless ball of energy, enthusiasm, love and joy and simply needed to express it!

It took over a month for you to understand that putting a collar on meant we could go outside, and not result in a shock.  The sheer terror in your eyes at the thought of a collar around your neck, reminded me not all people are deserving of a dog.  Eventually those demons faded, although the sound of our smoke alarm batteries failing, panicked you your entire life. 

Exercise helped the borderline anxiety you came with and gradually you came to understand that we would come back when we left.   Those first few months you clung to me as if your life depended on it.  Gradually your barking diminished as you gained your trust and confidence in us.  Your voice was never totally silent, however.  You just couldn’t contain the joy you felt at simply being alive and it was contagious!   In the end I am just happy we lived on a farm and we made it work.  Later in life as your hearing diminished your voice amplified – how I wish I could hear that joyous bark again!

Sometime during those first few months it became evident that your energy level combined with some of the other quirks that farm life better suited you than town life.  You had won not only our hearts, but that of Cassie and Starr as well.  You had found your home.

Retrieving revealed the full extent of how misguided your prior hunt training had been.   You wanted so badly to retrieve, but simply wouldn’t bring anything back to us.   You LOVED running and chasing and would bring the object partway but always end up dropping it yards away for us to throw again.  Gradually yards became feet and finally, nearly a year from entering our life you trusted us enough to bring it to us.  Another demon conquered.

You were quick- in your younger years you averaged catching one to two pigeons a week in the shed.  Always soft mouthed, invariably we would find them walking around you in the kennel where you brought them.  I watched in disbelief as you ran a half-grown bunny down, only to carry it unhurt under our porch to watch it hop around you.  Every fiber in your body just seemed to vibrate with that great love of life, people and animals.

You brought that boundless energy and love to the countless fosters looking for their own forever home.  You didn’t just accept them- your generous spirit welcomed them all.  Dogs and people just naturally gravitated to you.   Countless times I heard “Hunter is our favorite”.   You were the definition of kind, generous, loving.

You loved the routine of doing farm chores.  Dutifully trotting down to the barn, barking to remind me it was time to leave work and feed animals.  How I miss seeing you anticipating the next chore needing to be done.

Max guards the end of the driveway by himself now.  I know he appreciated the backup you gave him over the years.  I won’t forget the last week of your life and the two of you standing down the coyote in back of the barn.   It is impossible to hold back the tears when I see the empty pillow in front of the fireplace or the worn spot on the couch you loved to lie on.   I can only hope you are enjoying playing tug of war with Cassie again and are reunited with your partner in crime -Starr.  Give them my love Hunter, until we all meet again.  You are greatly missed down here on Earth.


Benjamin came into rescue with his two siblings Cecil and Valentino. Valentino passed a while ago. Cecil is still with his wonderful mom and grandma


Adopted 2016
Passed November 2020

Renegade (WGSPR ’16) crossed the rainbow bridge today after a short battle with cancer. After Renegade was adopted in 2016, he got a GSP girlfriend Stella, ran a few 5ks, he loved to cheer on the Packers, party with his dog friends, and study medicine. Renegade is always loved and will be missed.

Arabelle (Belle)

Adopted August 2007
Passed December 15, 2020

While we are not sure when Belle was born or what the first 6 months of her life was like, we know she was brought to the rescue from Alabama. She was aggressive around food and other dogs. The rescue requested we come immediately to relieve the foster family she was staying with that August. We put her in the back of our car and she immediately crawled onto my lap in the front seat. I fell in love; I knew she was going to be my forever dog. Although she never outgrew her extreme separation anxiety, she was the most loving, gentle dog I’ve ever met. She loved chasing squirrels and go for long walks at our family camp. 2020 was difficult for most but not for Belle, she got to spend every minute of every day with her favorite people, living the life she always wanted. She will be greatly missed by our family but especially by my son Emeric. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to foster and then adopt Belle. We are grateful we got to spend 13 years with her.


Adopted early 2019
Passed 7/11/2020

It is with profound sadness that I have to email you and let you know that we had to let Angus go this morning. He had slowed down considerably and was having a hard time with his hips and weakness in his legs to the point of falling down and having problems getting up. In the past months, we’ve had to help him up and down the two stairs from the kitchen to outside. To compound things, Craig is having extensive melanoma surgery on his shoulder Monday morning. He won’t be able to bend over or lift anything for weeks.

This morning Angus had a seizure that lasted about an hour. He couldn’t get up without falling down. It took forever to carry him out to the patio, as he had lost control of his bladder and threw up his breakfast. We had a vet come out who was very kind and gentle. He tried to get up to greet her, as he loves people, but kept falling down. We said goodbye to him on the patio, as we had previously said goodbye to our 14 year old GSP, Claire 3 years ago. Angus would have been 14 on August 12th.

He went peacefully and well loved. I whispered in his ear: Thank you, Angus, it’s been a privilege. Which it most certainly has. I thank him for loving us as we loved him, even for the short time of 1 and 1/2 years.

Diane McConnell
Craig Carlin


Adopted 9/4/07
Passed 4/30/19

Our Dear Amber…
In review of dates, we noticed that Amber greeted her mom in the white light, 4 years almost to the day of her mom, Angel’s passing, on May 1st , 2015. On April 30th, 2019, Amber had let us know she had had enough and was ready to greet her mom Angel (another rescue on the WGSPR Angel page) and her pseudo-dad Dagwood, who we lost on February 5, 2014.

So none of our birthdays nor our anniversary are good memories. Baxter we lost on Cindy’s birthday, many years ago, Amber on Ben’s birthday (2019) and Angel on our anniversary four years ago (2015). But we can say we have had wonderful memories of Amber, the past oh, 12 ½ years, as well as the trio causing all sorts of fun and ruckus.

She was quite the trooper! She had battled and beat cancer 3X’s plus; losing a toe, many lumps, etc. (although we think this last time she had some cancer in her?). Then she blew out a knee a few years back after the lumps removals and recently roughed out a bad staph infection, which we were still trying to help her heal.

But her weary bones said, “no more”. When we tried to get her out of the van, she really put up a fuss this time, almost saying (what Cindy prefers to think) “I’m tired of being poked, prodded and cut”, as she was ok when we took her into the pretty room, which would be the last room she would be in at the vet.

Amber was the best at finding chipmunks, squirrels, birds and of course, scraps that the hawk dropped in the back yard for her babies to train them to find food. Ugh! She was the most positive and kind gal you could ever meet. Even our dog sitter said, she couldn’t believe how calm and docile she was. She loved running loose up North on the back 20 acres (no electronic fence), but would always be within a 20-30 foot eyeshot of her best sleeping buddy/dog dad, Ben. She was Ben’s sidekick once Angel passed, making sure he took her for a 1½ mile walk every day. Would not shut up/stop barking until he got up, put his shoes on and hearing aides in, walking to the garage to get her harness. Even then she pointed ducks, squirrels and anything else she could point. We think sometimes she hallucinated, but then, to find out…there really WAS something there! She would also bark at him, to let him know he had to fix her something to eat, or go to bed, or…whatever. They had their own language between the two of them. She seemed to love people more than she did other dogs, unless she knew them well. Then she loved them dearly; i.e., Daggie, Angel, neighbor dogs, Jazz and Ginger.

We will miss our dear friend, Amber, as we have already. There is quite a void at our house, since she was the last of the 3 Musketeers! It is quiet, sad, but we know she has had the best of her life with us and all those who loved our dogs, including Cindy’s quartet BPS, who threw her a “puppy shower” when Angel and Amber were adopted!

But to know that Angel, Amber and Dagwood are all back together, raising ruckus, we are ok with her leaving us at 12 ½ years old. She had a good life and it was time to be out of pain!

Thanks for all the life lessons Amber…Ben & Cindy Zieroth


Adopted 8/3/2007 Passed 4/2018 In 2007 I adopted Bella from WGSPR. She was 2 years oldish. She was Abused and skittish. She grew to be the Queen in my house. I saved her and she saved me. Because of Bella I was introduced to WGSPR and she put up with a lot of foster dogs in my house. She gained her sister Daisy too from WGSPR and they were inseparable until I lost Daisy 2 years ago. Kidney failure and old age claimed her life but I know she is with her sister now. Just trying to imagine life without a GSP now. Will have to keep fostering.


Adopted 3/21/2015 – Passed 9/2017

Tamba and I found each other on March 21, 2015. Tamba was already 6 1/2 years old and was surrendered 3 times. She came into my life just after I lost my husband of 31 1/2 years to ALS. She loved to lay next to me on the couch and of course she had to be to the back of the couch. I taught her to walk on the treadmill, fetch items out of the pool, and the down command. She loved to take long 4 to 8 mile walks with me. Tamba loved going for car rides and camping. She listened very well and was able to pick up on training skills pretty quick.

Due to some aggressive behaviors that Tamba exhibited, she was returned to the rescue and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in September.

She was such a great companion and very comforting to me. Love you Tamba.


Adopted 1/10/2016 – Passed 8/2017

Thanks so much for the condolences on Doo’s passing – while I am unsure of the entire chain of events, he was surrendered to WGSPR Volunteer Brian when he was 6 years old due to the inability of his owner to care for him. Brian would know the details – I believe the owner had become ill. Brian already had two dogs, so Doo made three – and only two are allowed in the City of West Bend. Brian’s neighbor complained. So Doo came to stay with me while Brian worked with his alderman to try to get a “Fancier’s Permit” approved in West Bend. The effort was not successful as the City Council did not approve it. So Doo became my dog, and it has been a great 8+ years. He was a true gentleman shorthair, an “easy keeper”, and was able to somehow build a relationship with my other dog, a pointer who is not social. I am grateful for the life he had, glad that many years of it were with me – and I will miss him. He had a great life. I’m attaching a photo of him from several falls ago, before he became a total powder face.



Adopted 3/28/09 – Passed 10/14/17

Born 6/27/02

Anyone that has lost their dog knows the pain of losing the one they loved. Sadly, our love affair had to end.

Roscoe rarely left my side. How did he know that I needed that? He was such a calm & easy boy. He was good to everyone, including visiting dogs. He gave me eight years of devotion.

He celebrated his 15th birthday in June. Then in September, he was diagnosed with Lymphoma, & how long that had been there was unknown. It was a matter of a few weeks that he declined quickly.

Thank you to my daughter, Christen, who in 2009, insisted that I view Roscoe on the website. Thank you to Lisa Rossman & WGSPR for allowing this match made in heaven. And thank you to Terri, for seeing Roscoe & I through this past year with her support.

A quote from Henry David Thoreau gives me some solace when I think about losing Roscoe:

“I left the woods for as good a reason as I went there. Perhaps it seemed to me that I had several more lives to live, and could not spare any more time for that one.”



Adopted 4/11/2015 – Passed 7/2017

I just wanted to let you know that Jocko passed away. He was the most loving GSP I have ever had. I had him for over two years. My son and I saw Jocko on the web site for some time and we decided to go get him. It was a 3.5 hour car ride to Eric’s house to pick him up and the whole car ride home he sat on my son’s lap. Every time we went to the lake home Jocko turned into a fish and swam the whole time we were there. He always had to carry around his water kong and would do this running belly flop off the dock to retrieve it. Jocko became best friends with my other rescue Hawk who I have had for 7 years now. They would do everything together. Lay next to each other on the bed/couch. I took one last picture of them together just laying on the carpet together. I came home from work and Jocko could no longer stand up. I rushed him to the vet and they said he had heart failure. After we put Jocko down Hawk was wild for the next few days. He would look out the window just staring. I think he was hoping Jocko would just come walking in the door. I have a large fenced in yard and Hawk would run around the yard in search of him. We got Jocko cremated and a imprint of his paw. We buried him on the hill that over looks the lake and he is with my other dogs I have owned over the years.

Thanks, Aaron
Hawk is the white GSP
Jocko is the dark GSP

Boone (formerly Max)

Intake 1/30/2016 – Passed 8/11/2016

Boone was a big, loving boy. He loved to snuggle and go for walks, and chew on tennis balls like they are a piece of bubble gum. Boone always had his tail wagging and loved to give Boone smooches.


Hospice April 2017 – Passed 4/20/17

Spike came into rescue on March 31 and WGSPR could tell he was very ill. Over the course of several weeks, we had him to multiple vets and ran tests on him. Spike had cancer that was impacting his heart, lungs and liver. WGSPR decided to end Spike’s suffering and let him run free at the Rainbow Bridge on 4/20/17. Spike was loved by WGSPR and his foster family.



Adopted June 2007- Passed 11/28/2016

Our sweet Archie (formerly Rebel), left us Nov 28 2016. We adopted him from WGSPR June of 2007, so we think he was 14-15. Archie was the best dog we could ever hope for! Sweet, snuggly, kind…endlessly patient with our daughter who was born a couple of years after we got him. Everyone was his friend; he loved everyone and everyone loved him- I can’t tell you how many fans he had! He was a favorite in the neighborhood with the kids all taking turns “helping” to walk him . He was the essence of goodness…We miss him incredibly, every day.



2002 – 2015

Brutus jumping up for a ball when he was in his prime. He truly was the quintessential German Shorthaired Pointer!



Adopted 6/23/2007 – Passed 1/19/2017

Over the years, I have had 5 dogs that have all had their own personalities, but each one having one quality from one of my previous dogs. The first time I saw Clover on the WGSPR website I knew I wanted her. When I went to pick her up, I brought my Father with me who was suffering from Chronic COPD and Alzheimer’s and sat at home in a chair watching TV all day long.

When we arrived to see Clover, my dad took one look at her and yelled come here beautiful, and Clover jumped up and gave him a great big kiss. With that, my dad said to her come on girl your coming home with me, and started to walk off to the car with her. Lisa from WGSPR and I just looked at each other and hurried up the paperwork so I could get back to get the two back into the car. Once we got home, my dad walked Clover into the house and pointed at the couch saying to Clover, “That’s your spot Clover” With that, Clover hopped up onto the couch and my dad sat in his chair and they watched TV together. She stayed by his side all the time until he passed in August of 2009.

Clover has always been part of the family and not considered a pet. She has been like my little girl, the child I didn’t have. She was full of love and always showed it by trying to lick you to death whenever she could get that close. She was also a combination of all the dog’s I have had in the past rolled into one amazing pooch. The last 5 years she has been the companion of my mother who suffered a Heart Attack in late 2011 and is now home all day long. Clover always stayed up with her late at night and then when Clover decided it was time to go to bed, she would give my mom a nudge and then give a woof to tell her to turn off the TV. Then she slept at the foot of my mother’s bed or alongside keeping her company while she slept.

Clover was one in a million, and the last dog I think I will have during my lifetime because of how special she was and the pain my whole family feels now that she is gone. We were so lucky to have been part of her life and will miss her and think of her always. I know she is up in heaven with my dad again and together they watch over us here until the day we all meet again in the afterlife.



Adopted Hospice – 9/15/2016 – 9/23/16

Born: 8/25/2005

What can I say about my beautiful boy-my sweet Valentino? I don’t want to focus on his illness as that is not how I want to remember him. I want to share the deep love he had for people and true inner beauty that was in his heart and soul.

Tino was a very sweet loving boy that had so much love to give and he shared it with everyone he met. He was silly and he loved to run around and play outside smelling every blade of grass. He loved eating dandelions and he taught my other 2 dogs that they were very good and healthy treats. We went for walks everyday about 1:00 and at 12:50 his internal alarm went off and he would wait for me to grab my tennis shoes and put them on. As soon as I put my shoes on, he would start jumping and barking because he was so excited to go for a walk. He led the pack in the walks, he wanted to be the first one to see the wildlife, the first one to smell for animals that might have been there earlier, or the first one to eat some tasty blades of grass or a stray apple that dropped off a tree.

Tino was a snuggler. Every time I sat on the sofa, he climbed up by me and put his head in my lap just waiting for some love. He loved to have his head and ears caressed and always fell asleep in my lap. Other times he would crawl up on the sofa, roll over on his back shamelessly and wait for his tummy to be rubbed. I worked from home and he laid under my desk every day while I worked to keep me company. When I got up to go to the bathroom, he followed me and sat next to me waiting for me to finish up. If I went to empty garbage, he followed me, when I went to put mail in the mailbox he was right next to me. When I had an errand to run, he jumped in my car and went with me. He slept on his bed next to me and if he would hear me stir, he would pick up his head to make sure I was all right. He was my boy, my companion and my protector. Every time I looked at him I could see the love in his eyes and I could feel it every time I touched his soft fur. I held him close as he was going over Rainbow Bridge, I kept telling him I was his momma, I have always been his momma and I loved him a lifetime and I know we would be together again. My heart aches and I miss him so much. I know it will get less painful with time and my memories of Tino will be replaced by smiles instead of tears. I don’t know when my time will come but I do know that my Tino will be wagging his little tail waiting for me.


Adopted 5/19/17- Passed 5/2017

It is with great sadness that we share that Risa found her Angel Wings on Saturday May 20, 2017. Risa was a very special GSP and here is her story.

About a week ago, I picked up Risa to bring her into rescue and I knew she was in rough condition. I was filled with hope, with optimism that Risa would finally know what a dog’s life should be like. As the week went on, that hope and optimism turned to sadness and heartbreak as I had seen what a hard life can do to a dog. The physical condition she endured for so many years impacted her emotional and psychological condition.

Due to her blindness, she relied on humans 100% for everything and needed to for her safety. What I saw with Risa is that she was very confused, she was anxious, she was weak, she had no real control over her bladder or bowel, she slept alot and if she wasn’t sleeping, she was spinning to the right. I took Risa to the vet on Friday and upon examination, we knew Risa had some medical issues that were also contributing to her debilitating condition and we had a very long conversation about Risa’s quality of life.

Risa was given the best of everything this week, lots of love, lots of petting, lots of food (she even gained some needed weight) and more importantly security she was safe. Tuesday night she got a bath and her coat was so soft and so pretty and she smelled so good! Daily she laid next to me at my desk while I worked and slept and got lots of ear rubs and pets and lots and lots of kisses. She was a very sweet GSP gal.

After the discussion with the vet about Risa’s conditions and several WGSPR volunteers and BOD members, we agreed that the best thing for Risa was to give her Angel wings and end her pain and suffering.

This was one of the most heartbreaking and gut wrenching decisions I have had to make in rescue, but I also felt I was giving Risa the best possible gift – her Angel Wings and allow her to run free. What I also gave Risa was a family to call her own as I adopted Risa on Friday night.

Risa, your paw print is still so very raw on my heart, but it will be there forever!!!! You were so sweet. I hope the last week you were with me, you realized how loved you were and how much I cared for you! I only wish I could have made it all better for you.

Risa – run free at the Rainbow Bridge with all the other GSPs, find my Raina girl and she will guide you! I love you sweetie!

President, WGSPR



Adopted 6/3/2012 – Passed January 2017

In January of 2017, Earl lost his fight with cancer, crossing Rainbow Bridge to join his sister Olive (a black lab) who passed away in December 2016. We adopted Earl from the WGSPR in June, 2012. Earl was our second German Shorthair Pointer after taking in a surrendered dog named J.W. (short for John Wayne). Earl was a handsome, sweet boy with the typical GSP Velcro disposition, whose “smile” and constantly wagging short tail was always there to greet us at the end of the day. Earls favorite inside pastimes included snuggling, laying on top of whomever was on the couch and playing tug-of-war and keep-a-way with this four-legged sister Bella. Some of Earls favorite outside pastimes included running in the yard, chasing geese and chipmunks, playing ball, taking walks, swimming, ice fishing and going for car rides. His keen and expert stalking ability, allowed him to wait patiently day after day for one particular chipmunk to cross his path. Earl was a master counter surfer who loved all things bread, and held the family record for eating a package of buns, without the bag, in 2 seconds flat. Loving nothing more than to be with his humans, he could often be found under foot, a foot behind or leading the way. Earls non-stop energy, curiosity, smile and wagging tail will be sadly missed by all of us who are honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to know and love him



Adopted 9/4/2007 – May 2015

WGSPR sends their deepest sympathies to Ben and Cindy Zieroth who lost their Angel in early May 2015. Angel and Amber were adopted by Ben and Cindy in September 2007 from WGSPR. Ben and Cindy gave Angel her heaven right here on earth!

A note from Ben and Cindy about Angel….

Just wanted to let you know our dear Angel has lost her battle with “something”, we’re not quite sure what, but really thinking it might have been bone cancer.

Her daughter Amber will miss her sleeping buddy, hunting partner and mom who took care of her all the way till the end. Her other sleeping buddy/dog dad Ben too will miss her by his side. On the Labor Day weekend when we first adopted Angel & Amber from the WI German Shorthair Rescue, she scooched right up into his arms and he never let go. We didn’t discuss, but knew it was the right decision.

She had many fun years up North, finding skunks, the swamp, chipmunks up the gutter and other critters and really enjoyed NOT being a puppy mill dog any longer, once she became a Zieroth. Initially she wore a rut from maple tree in front to the maple tree in back, the first year at our house, discovering the birds who literally teased the h___ out of her. Didn’t know what she was missing.

Well she’s together with Dagwood (& Company), who just left the trio a little over a year ago on February 7, 2014.

Again, I think of the poem Rainbow Bridge and want to believe we will see them all on the bridge when it is our time. Please don’t tell me any different, let us just enjoy that thought.


Adopted Feb. 2008

We were lucky enough to adopt a GSP named “Lucy” from you folks back in Feb. of 2008. I am so sad to say she passed on last year (she jumped a rabbit and pursued it into the highway in front of a car).

History: When we got her she was so full of energy I had to run her for at least an hour a day just to get her to sit still for 10 seconds. I wondered if she would EVER learn to come when called (3 months and a 50′ rope did the job). We have always adopted strays but Lucy was the youngest and most energetic we ever had. Although I am not a hunter she hunted every day on our farm and loved every minute of it.

We have had a lot of rescue dogs over the years and they are all special but Lucy was my personal companion. Lucy went everywhere I went and loved every second she was alive. I can’t even express the loss I/we felt when she died.

James Dean

James Dean

Adopted 9/13/2007 – Passed 1/19/2015

Born 9/13/2004

The ones who rescue us….

Jim came to us from Eau Claire Humane Society back in 2007. We pulled him into rescue, even though he was a field pointer and not a shorthair. We didn’t have to put very much training into Jim, as it appeared he was already hunt trained, hand signal trained, whistle trained, ecollar trained and loved birds! We found Jim a great new home and in 10 days he was returned, as he was just a little “too much” for this first time adopter. And when he came back, I jumped for joy, and adopted him on the spot. James Dean already was home! Jim was very handsome and knew how to charm the ladies. Jim loved pizza rolls, and rolling in paper perfume samples. And in the summer, he had his own swimming pool to take dips in. Every night, Jim slept in bed with me, under the blankies, snoring away on his own pillow. Jim rescued me at a time I needed him most.

Jim stayed with me for a little over seven years, before his body gave out. He was around 10 yrs old when there wasn’t anything more I could do for my baby boy, but give him the final act of love and send him on his way. Life will never be the same without him, but the thing to remember is we only get to keep them for a short time, because there are so many more that need us.

Rest in peace my Jim, momma loved you well.


Adopted 7/10/2006 – Passed 12/31/2015

Miss Miracle lost the short battle with Lymphoma New Years Eve 2015, taking my heart with her. She was a rescue from a large hoarder in Arkansas in 2006. All of the dogs were so fearful of people, and lacking socialization. Miracle stayed with me. She was an Ambassador for WGSPR.com, had her own Fan Club & blog. She became a little socialite working may pet events in Wisconsin. I will miss you momma baby. Rest in peace. Xo


Adopted 6/2013 – Passed October 18, 2015

Greta was happily and lovingly with us until the end of her life, which unfortunately came too soon for us on October 18, 2015. In late July she was diagnosed with meningitis, which she developed as a result of an auto-immune disorder. We were trying to get it under control with aggressive treatment for the past couple of months, and then two weeks ago she developed a lung infection and congestive heart failure. She spent much of the last two weeks in and out of the animal hospital, until yesterday, when we finally took her home one last time. Over the previous two weeks she had struggled with breathing, seizures, and an increasing lack of mobility, and all through the night last night she deteriorated very quickly. So this morning, knowing that her prognosis was terminal, we put her to rest.

We were very fortunate to have purchased pet health insurance shortly after adopting her, which allowed us to work closely with a team of veterinarians that included an internist, a critical care specialist, and a neurologist. She had the best health care available, and we did everything we could for her. The staff at the animal hospital also grew to love Greta. Indeed, she made friends everywhere she went. She loved strangers, children, the elderly, everyone. She was a sweet, gentle soul who never behaved aggressively or badly to anyone. She was the perfect dog.

We are devastated at our loss, because she was the best dog we have ever known. After we adopted her, she had a life full of friends, long walks, travel, and the best food and treats a dog could have. She was the center of our lives and she ultimately brought more joy to us than we ever could have imagined. It’s hard to believe this could happen as a result of being randomly connected with a dog put up for rescue adoption, which is a real testament to the work both of your organizations do. We are better people because of it, and we owe you much gratitude for allowing us to be with Greta until the end of her life.


Rescued 6/24/2014

We rescued Jazzer from a northern Wisconsin shelter on 6/24/14 where she had been surrendered by her “family”. It didn’t take long for us to realize she was very special. So sweet, so gentle and so loving. Jazzer had a tail that never stopped wagging. She was a dream in the home, never ruining anything, always asking when she needed to go outside. She played well with her young foster sister. She spent her days napping on the sofa and sunning herself in the backyard. She liked to un-stuff her toys and lay with them for her naps. She was easy going and thoroughly enjoyed her short walks. One of the happiest most charming girls we have met!

We don’t often have to face the final chapters of a dog’s life when we take them in but Jazzer came to us suffering from Lyme, Anaplasmosis and mammary cancer. After testing was complete it was evident that she was too advanced to do surgery on. Blessed with a wonderful foster family Jazzer stayed in their care until her final day 9/19/14 when they lovingly took her to the Rainbow Bridge. Jazzer has touched all of us at WGSPR. She touched everyone she met and in her last chapter she was very loved, spoiled and adored. Rest in Peace our sweet girl, we love you and you will forever be missed.