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Now What?

Things to know about bringing your new family member home.

When you adopt or foster a new GSP there is a transition period for them as well as you. This usually is not instant and requires patience and times. Your new GSP is used to someone else’s schedule. They will adapt to yours, but you will need to give it time. Recommendation is minimum of 2 weeks and sometimes up to a couple of months. It varies with each dog and their environment. Please review this article to help your dog transition.

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  1. Your new GSP should be kept on a leash or check cord at all times outside, if a contained area is not available. The leash or check cord is your safety net to ensure your new GSP does not run away. Minimum of 6-9 months until you can trust them to stay in your yard.
  2. When introducing your new GSP to another dog, it is important to know that the dogs will need an opportunity to get to know one another.
  3. Keep your new GSP on a leash in the house so you have control of any situation that may arise.
  4. Feed the dogs separately until they have earned your trust.
  5. All toys, bones or anything that could instigate guarding of resources should be removed until the dogs know each other better.
  6. Crate your new GSP. They should not be left unsupervised in your home until they have earned your trust.
  7. Expect a few transitional accidents even with a house trained dog. You each need to learn each other’s cues.
  8. Your new GSP has to trust you – they need to learn they are safe with you.
  9. They may not eat because they are not eating from the same bowl. This is normal.
  10. They may suffer some separation anxiety and tear up their toys/bed or destroy shoes, sofa, bed or anything they can get. Crate training will help with this.
  11. Keep them crated until you feel comfortable leaving them alone. Start slowly to leave them alone with just a few minutes at a time and work towards longer times away.

WGSPR loves to receive updates and photos of our rescued GSPs and their new homes. Each rescue holds a special place in our hearts and catching a glimpse of them in their new home is very rewarding for all of us. Please email us with your updates, stories and photos to wgsprinfo@gmail.com

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