• Please understand that our first priority is to those GSPs in shelters needing our help.  

    Note: We take purebred GSPs, and only under special circumstances may we consider taking a GSP mix.

  • Overview

    1. Contact WGSPR for a phone interview to discuss the reasons for surrendering your GSP BEFORE completing and submitting the Surrender Profile. Note: We take purebred GSPs, and only under special circumstances may we consider taking a GSP mix.
    2. Submit Surrender Profile and agreement.
    3. WGSPR will schedule with one of our volunteers an evaluation of your GSP.
    4. Following the evaluation, WGSPR will either match your GSP to an appropriate adopter or (if available) they will be placed in foster home. If a foster home is not available and your GSP is able to stay with the owner, WGSPR will ask that the dog remain with the owner until a permanent home can be found.
    5. If the dog remains in the home until a direct adoption occurs, the surrendering family may NOT pursue other placement options
  • GSP Surrender Requirements

    1. GSP must have no history of bites or aggression towards humans.
    2. GSP should be up to date on all shots, including a recent heart worm test, and must be on heart worm preventative or you can be charged for these services.
  • Owner Surrender Requirements

    1. Sign and submit the Surrender Agreement giving sole ownership of your GSP to Wisconsin German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue Inc. (WGSPR). The Surrender Agreement will be e-mailed to you.
    2. A surrender fee of $75 plus additional veterinarian costs will be required, upon surrender of your GSP, to help defray the costs of our rescue service will be appreciated. This donation is tax-deductible and a receipt can be provided.  
    3. Provide veterinary records for your GSP and any other documentation you may have, i.e. original registration papers, obedience certificates, training classes attended.
    4. Provide any remaining food you have on hand.
    5. Provide your GSP's collar and leash, toys, dog bed, a favorite bone…anything that will make your GSP more comfortable.
    6. Provide any medication and/or supplements.
    7. Provide at least two digital pictures of your GSP—one being a close-up face shot and one showing your GSP's entire body. The better the pictures, the better the chance of someone wanting to meet your GSP!
  • Note: The more information we have from you the better. The information provided will help us find the ideal home for your GSP and will be passed along to a future adopter. Thank you for your cooperation.

    If Wisconsin German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue Inc. (WGSPR)is listing a GSP as a courtesy post, the GSP must be spayed/neutered. We will not list unaltered dogs on our website or Facebook page.

    There is a $50.00 listing fee which is tax deductible.  

    The owner must stay in contact with WGSPR or we will pull the listing from our sites. We ask that owners update us if they have found additional placement.