• Terri &David


    Terri has volunteered for WGSPR since 2011. She is the past President from November 2014- August 2019.  Terri and David have been a foster home for GSPs, rehabilitating them and training them.  They also hunt tested many of the GSP fosters in their care. 

    Terri and David have also transported GSPs and conducted home visits for the rescue as well as partner rescues in other states.

    Terri has also fostered the GSPs with Addison's Disease because of her knowledge and experience with her GSP with  Addison's.  Terri and David are avid hunters and have a passion for the GSP breed. 

  • Chawndel & Scott


    WGSPR welcomes Chawndel and Scott into our Volunteer community.  They are pictured with their adopted Vizla, Ginger and their GSP Cambria.

    Scott has had other GSPs over the years.  He enjoys pheasant hunting and the great companionship.  Cambria is Chawndel's first GSP and she loves her intelligence and loving personality.   Chawndel volunteered for a couple of years at the Humane Society.  Chawndel and Scott love these dogs and are looking forward to helping in any way they can!

  • Joel and Laurie

    We've been GSP owners since 1991. Having now owned 3 wonderful dogs, Taco, Rowdie, and Abby--and one litter of 15 (that's an entirely separate adventurous story!), we are "hooked" on this breed. At the same time, we realize there is a need to place pups who have lost their homes for so many reasons. In November, we bid farewell to Abby, so hard.....and stumbled across the WGSPR facebook page. We are so grateful for this opportunity to be a small part of finding "forever" homes for rescued pups. 

  • Sharon & Tim


    Tim and Sharon are thrilled to join the WGSPR family from the U.P. of MI (because, let's be honest, the U.P. identifies more with Wisconsin than Michigan!). They have been lovers of the breed since the addition of their GSP, Bella, in 2011. Tim and Sharon have been a foster home for many years for numerous animal welfare outlets including their local shelter, Sasawin Project, and Dogs on Deployment, where they foster all animals but particularly specialize in pointer/hunting breeds. They are passionate about not only providing a safe and loving home to an animal in need, but also actively training any dog in their home to help them be their best selves when they move on to their permanent homes. While Tim and Sharon love everything about the breed, they know that they can be misunderstood or added to a home impulsively without fully understanding their needs leading to many dogs being displaced and in need of a new home. They are passionate about advocating for the breed and helping to ensure that they find homes that are committed to their mental and physical needs! 

  • Kyle & Alex


    Kyle and Alex have been volunteering with WGSPR since 2013. They have three dogs, Tanner being one of which  became a foster failure. They found their other GSP, Mack through WGSPR as well and recently just adopted their weimaraner Zoey. Kyle and Alex instantly fell in love
    with the breed when they got their first GSP. Alex is the  secretary for the rescue and they both do home visits, transportation, fundraisers and events, and fostering when their crazy schedule allows.  Kyle and Alex love WGSPR and will be active in for many years to come.

  • Eric


    Originally started out as wanting to be a foster family for pets in need. Eric had a GSP name Zoe already, she is an almost 7 yr old female purebred whom had one litter of puppies. After they were adopted out she was depressed and lonely so instead of having more pups, Eric decided to try fostering and helping less fortunate dogs.
    He has always loved dogs, and felt fostering would give him the best opportunity to help a multitude of them. Eric is a "foster failure" as he fell in love with his first foster Rusty, a GSP lab mix (but Eric thinks Rusty has some pit in him by his looks). Rusty is the biggest baby and sweetest dog and Eric is grateful Rusty is a part of his family...Eric is glad he failed at fostering.  Eric has been assisting with home visits and will be helping with transports when needed.

  • Matt (India)


    Matt designed the single color WGSPR logo at no cost to the rescue since both his sister and Matt owned GSPs.  Matt's GSP India was the inspiration for the new WGSPR logo. 

    Matt adopted India from Texas GSP Rescue in October 2005 when she was almost 2 years old.  India wasn't much of a hunting dog, being scared of water and gun shy. India was the most friendly, loving laid back dog Matt has ever owned. India passed away on March 3, 2014 after a short battle with abdominal cancer.  India's remains were brought to Wisconsin and buried at Matt's parents property. India loved coming to Wisconsin with Matt during the summers to watch the birds and squirrels at his parents house, so it was only fitting for her to  return there one last time

  • Tim & Jill


    Tim and Jill Jones. We live in western Wisconsin. They have 3 dogs. GSP named Gracie, chocolate lab named Bella, and yellow lab named Prince. Tim and Jill are looking forward to helping WGSPR in the future. 

  • Christine


    Christine fell head over heels for the breed when she begged for a new puppy for her 30th birthday and ended up with the most energetic, goofiest and easiest to love GSP.  Christine and Garet recently got engaged and moved back to his homestate of Wisconsin, and their dog Mac has been there for all of the excitement.  Christine is a Speech Therapist in Arcadia School District and in her free time enjoys crafts and scapbooking as well as trying new recipes and playing with her GSP.  

  • Bruce & Denise


    Denise and Bruce's and their granddaughter Ava with their 2007 WGSPR Rescue Bailey.  These 3 are walking in a benefit for the Waukesha animal welfare organization.

  • Lyndsey


    Lindsey is excitedly looking forward to volunteering with WGSPR.  For the past 12 years, she has felt extremely fortunate to share adventures with Isaiah (pictured).  While their favorite activities are skijoring and snowshoeing, recent introductions to upland bird hunting have been life changing for both of them.  

  • Neil & Laura


    Brutus came into our lives from WGSPR, Inc. on Saturday, May 15, 2010.  Neil and I were returning from breakfast and we needed to stop at Petco for cat food.  WGSPR had a display with some dogs available for adoption.  I wanted to look but Neil was hesitant because he didn’t want a dog.   Brutus came up to me and I immediately fell in love.  Neil stood with his arms crossed and said “We are not getting a dog”.  Another couple was also interested in Brutus and they were on the adoption list but they wanted to see how well he walked on a leash.  I was heartbroken because they showed up at Petco to walk him and I knew they would be in love.  Neil said (which was unexpected) “Let’s go into the store and get what we need and if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be”.  We came out of the store and 4 hours later Neil and Brutus were mowing the lawn together and have been inseparable ever since.  We knew nothing about the breed or about the new family we would have for life with WGSPR, Inc. They have helped us along the way with every little question and provided support when my baby wasn’t feeling well.  We have also been lucky to be foster parents to other GSP’s that have been rescued. Brutus in now 10 with CHF and they have been with us every step of the way.   

  • Kittel Family


    After losing our beloved rescue "mutt" Leini to illness in September 2013, the Kittel family was feeling lost. By Spring, we knew we wanted to rescue another dog. We met the wonderful people of Illinois Shorthair Rescue and some of their dogs at a pet expo. We fell in love with this breed and became approved adopters. Eric found what he thought was our perfect match on their website,  and we were soon off to meet Raja. From the minute we met him, we were all smitten. He came home to live with us in April 2014. Raja has been the perfect ambassador for this breed to our family. We stay in contact with his foster family, the Illinois Shorthair Rescue, and were thrilled to be a part of a freedom ride for Elvis the dog with them. We've enjoyed the annual reunions with Illinois Shorthair Rescue and the girls were thrilled to assist with the auction last year. Seeing Elvis with his new forever family at this reunion made us want to get involved more with rescue.
    In December 2014 we relocated to Cedarburg Wisconsin for Eric's job. We are excited to get involved here with the Wisconsin GSP rescue.
    -Eric, Jodi, Grace, Hope and Raja Kittel

  • Lisa Rossman

    Founder & Volunteer

    Lisa founded WGSPR to help save GSPs in Wisconsin.  She built the rescue from the ground up to make it what it is today.  She is still very active in the rescue helping with fundraisers and providing guidance to the current WGSPR volunteers.  Without Lisa, WGSPR wouldn't be in existence.  Lisa is pictured with her girl Destiny.

  • Julie & Jim

    Volunteers since 2006

    Julie & Jim began volunteering for WGSPR in 2006 when they adopted Thor, a rambanctious 8-month-old pup that had been bounced around from house to house before finding his way to rescue.  He turned into a wonderfully patient role model for other fosters they took in over the years and encouraged them to add Porter to their family in 2012.  After a brief hiatus from fostering, Julie and Jim are back to WGSPR to help foster, do home visits and/or transportation.  As their teenage daughters move on to college and out of they house, they hope to replace children with more dogs!  They are an active family, enjoy hunting and visiting their little cabin in the northwoods and love match-making and helping GSP's find their forever homes!

  • Linda


    Hi my name is Linda Ingalls and together with my husband Cliff, son CJ and daughter Danielle we have had GSPs for over 30 years.  Our GSPs are our family and they rule the roost. We wouldn't have it any other way. We are honored to become members of such a wonderful organization.

  • Travis & Amy


    The first dog Travis and I adopted together was a GSP and we absolutely fell in love with the breed. Since owning a GSP we’ve regularly followed the WI rescue on Facebook and decided it would be a great organization to get involved with! When we are not at the local dog park burning off that GSP energy, we enjoy fishing, working on house projects, and planning our upcoming wedding! The picture is the two of us with our GSP, Nala, and our Springer Spaniel, Simba. – As you could probably guess by the names, we are big Disney fans as well.

  • Kayli (In Memory 6/2016)


    Kayli's family has cherished GSPs for generations, and she was lucky enough to grow up with one as well. A few years ago, she got my own pride and joy, Lana. They enjoy running, skiijoring, spending time with her brothers, (her two Quarter Horses), and she has recently taken up dock diving!  She worked at a dog groomer and doggy daycare facility where Lana and her boyfriend's GSP rescue, Rocky, got to join her. "I'm very excited to be able to help in any way possible!" 

  • Melissa and Ty

    My husband Ty and I are dog parents to 2 Dobermans.  One is a male Dobe from IL Dobe Rescue named Bode.  And the other is a young Dobe lady named Nike.  Nike is working on Obedience and Agility titles. We have fostered for a couple different pointer rescues in the past, fostering and rehoming over 50 dogs!  Our past dog loves are an orange pointer Jersey, and a GSP named Ceres!  We are excited to be dipping our toes into pointer fostering again!  As empty nesters, we do get to travel a lot right now, so you may not see us all the time, but hopefully we can spread the good word about Pointers, and WGSPR specifically.