• Ryott

  • Ryott requires a small daily dose of oral prednisone and Percorten or Zycortal every 28 days via SubQ injection (1.25ml) and we are reducing her Zycortal.  She will need her electrolytes tested about every 3-6 month once she is stabilized on Percorten or Zycortal.   Yearly vaccinations need to be given individually rather than in combo.  Ryott's monthly medication costs will be approximately $45-50/month.  We will require extensive discussions with adopters veterinarian to ensure proper care and keeping up with latest treatment protocols.     WGSPR will also be following up with adoptive family on a more frequent basis and we require the adopters to join CARE - an Addison Dog Support group.   More  information on Addison's Disease can be found at:  https://canineaddisons.org/
    6/15/18: Hi Everyone! I thought I would check in and let everyone know how I am doing. I have been in rescue for 2 weeks and the these ladies that have been caring for me are the bomb. They found out I am BALL OBSESSED and I can slobber on you as well. Don't worry about house cleaning as I just LOVE to mess it up - tearing up every toy in my sight. I LOVE to pull stuffing out of every soft toy. These nice ladies are working on optimizing my Addison's Medication. My prednisone has been reduced to 2.5 mg and I heard that it is getting reduced more in the next week. I also had a good vet visit today and my DOCP injection will be reduced.  
    Love, Ryott! 
    6/2/18: This little gal had a very long journey into rescue today. Her name is Ryott and she is just under 2 years old. She does have Primary/Typical Addison's and was recently diagnosed. We will take some time to get to know her and get her Addison's medications optimized for her body. More to come on Ryott as we get to know her and work on her Addison's medications. We would like to thank the Bob and Kathleen and Katie and Bob from Illinois Shorthair Rescue, Dewey from Pilots N Paws Pilot, and WGSPR volunteers Michelle and Sheila for assisting with Ryott's transport. Also Jennifer from the Vet clinic where Ryott has been staying for the last 3 weeks. Lastly for Lindsay for believing in Ryott and giving her the 2nd chance at life! We are happy to have Ryott in rescue!

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