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  • My name is Red. They say I can melt hearts with my eyes. I am an easy going, affectionate, well-mannered lady. I don't really play with toys anymore, but I do love my dog bones! I do have some arthritis, so I am looking for a family that will keep me active with a couple of daily walks each day.Right now, I walk a 1/2 a mile, three times a day. I will need to keep doing this for as long as I can keep walking.

    4/16/18: Red is doing great (we don’t call her Lil Red anymore).  She continues to be her sweet loving self and is a good as gold.  She does not need to be crated when we leave and she is has never chewed or destroyed anything.  When we come home, she comes to the door with her waggy little tail letting us know she is happy to see us.  She doesn’t seem interested in toys but she loves her dog bones.   We continue to work on her weight and she is doing awesome.   When she came into the rescue in early March, she weighed 91.3.  She is now at 85.7 and getting spring back in her step.  She loves her walks no matter what the weather.  Red does have weakness in her back legs (knees and hips) due to arthritis.  When she walks, she will occasionally drag her toes on her left foot-the vet said it is neurological-it could be from arthritis in her spine or from an old injury.  Red does well on short walks and we usually walk ½ mile up to 3 times a day.  Red wants to go further but because of the weight and arthritis, 3 short walks a day seem to work out good for her.   She does have some bad days when it’s cold and damp-it makes it hard for her to move around so we skip the walks but she has Rimadyl to decrease the pain and make her more comfortable.  Her ideal family will let her lounge around and sleep most of the day, feed her good quality low fat/low calorie dog food so she can lose about 20 more lbs., continue short walks on her good days and give her lots of love.  They don’t come much sweeter than Red.

    3/15/18: Lil Red gets along with the other dogs and all 4 of them eat together with no issues.  Lil Red shares her food willingly.   No food issues or aggression issues what so ever. She is a typical pointer that loves her food and treats-as long as the treats aren’t carrots.  She sleeps soundly at night (sometimes snores, but not too loudly).  She decided she would rather sleep on the dog bed in the living room by herself (probably because the other dogs snore) and she is quiet all night and does not wonder around at all.  She has no issues with incontinence and can hold it a very long time.  She does go to the door when she wants to go outside.  

    Lil Reds issue is her weight and her nails and our main goal is to lose weight and to get her nails trimmed down.  When she came into WGSPR, she weighed 91lbs.  She walks with no problems but going from laying down to standing is hard for her and the same goes with sitting to standing.  Mornings are slow as it takes her a little while to get to a standing position after laying down all night and sleeping.   She is a stiff at first but once she is up and walks around, she does not have any problems.   In the house she is not very active and spends most of her days laying around napping in the sun.  That changes as soon as she goes outside.  She loves her walks and actually tries very hard to trot and run. She has very good endurance walking and has no issues with walking over a mile 1-2 times a day and we will increase that slowly to help build up her tolerance.  

    Her nails have not been clipped in a very long time and because of that, her quicks are long.  It has caused her to fall numerous times outside in the snow and on ice so we are very careful in the snow.   She also slips on laminate floors so we put some rugs down to prevent her from slipping.  She had her nails trimmed by the vet and it was recommended that we have that done every 3-4 weeks, as well as continue to walk her as this will help get her nails back in shape and trim off some much needed weight. 

    If I can say anything about Lil Red, it would be that she is the sweetest girl around. She is pure joy.  When she looks into your eyes, it melts our heart and you can see she is a very happy girl and is so full of love.

    3/7/18: Lil Red came into rescue with her siblings Scrap Iron Girl and Blue over the weekend.  The 3 Pointer Siblings found their way into rescue through Illinois Shorthair Rescue.  They are overflowing with GSPs in need and WGSPR stepped in to assist.   The Pointer Siblings lost their human dad at the end of November and their human mom was not able to give them the care they need and reached out to rescue for help and that is when WGSPR stepped in. 

    From Lil Red's foster mom: 
    Say hello to Lil Red, my new foster from WGSPR. This past Saturday, she and her 2 siblings made a long trip from IN to WI thanks to some dedicated dog loving people. Lil Red is a 10 yrs old GSP and is a total sweet heart and such a joy to have. From the minute I met her, I knew she was an exceptional dog. Her previous owner died and he must have loved his dogs because it shows in her demeanor. She immediately got along with my 3 goofy dogs and joined our pack. She is overweight but that is fixable with some good quality food, exercise and some foster momma love. We will do it the right way by starting out slow and working up to long walks. She loves going out in our yard and walking all over and I let her walk as much as she wants to. In the house she is very mellow, lays around waiting for tummy rubs. More to come on this sweetie pie.

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