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  • 12/9:
    Milo has made himself at home and enjoys playing with other dogs, also is good with cats. He is a very happy English pointer and willing to please. Milo loves to play with toys. He plays well by himself or with other dogs. He does try to counter surf but we are working on that. Milo is crate trained and sleeps extremely well and through the night in a crate. He also does well with being left out of the crate at night and sleeps on his dog bed. Milo is potty trained but sometimes has an accident if you don’t see him sitting by the door right away. Milo went pheasant hunting however was on a check cord so didn’t get on any birds. Milo got very “birdie” when he smelled where a pheasant had been recently. He enjoys children and is very sweet.

    Milo made his way into rescue today. He is a young English Pointer that was abandoned at a boarding facility in May. Very sweet dog and gets along with other dogs. Is crate trained and ready to run.  He LOVES children.  We will be working to get some weight in him. More to come on Milo as our foster gets to know him. THANK YOU to the Chapin family for assisting with transport today.







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