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  • 7/27/19: 
    Lilly LOVES tennis balls....... outside ,inside, she will chase a ball until she is so tired her tongue hangs to her knees. But you have to make sure its the right ball.... she will sniff out her ball in the weeds, wood pile and holes in the yard to find the right one. We continue to work on her fear issues and she will be returning to our trainer to finish her training.  We are optimistic that Ryan can get her over the hump and she will be ready for her new home at the end of August.   We would like approved adopters to meet with our trainer while Lilly is in training to understand her ongoing training needs. 
    We cannot understand why this girl has not been adopted yet!    While she is working on her fear issues and is walking better on a leash and is working on not stopping now when a dog barks.    We tried the bike with her and she didn't care for it. 
    Lily is a sweet loving girl who needs a family to love. She also loves her tennis balls and will sniff them out anywhere. She has a beautiful point and does well finding the birds.
    Lily is a wonderful, fun loving girl who loves to be by her people. She has hunt training and would love nothing more to do than spend her days hunting.   She comes from Romanian bloodlines and has papers. 
    Lilly likes to make her presence known by  barking at strangers but is bouncy around people she meets.
    Lily was previously attacked by another dog and unfortunately has now become afraid of dogs, dogs outside barking and is a bit afraid of noises she is unfamiliar with. Lilly is working on building her confidence and learning to trust other dogs, but it is a slow process.
    She knows many commands like front, here , stay, and is learning chill and leave it. She does some counter surfing but is getting much better. 
    WGSPR sent Lilly to training to help her and help our foster understand her needs.  Lilly is working on chilling around dogs outside and in.
    Her foster mom is proud of her progress but she will need more training. She would be better as a single dog home, fenced in yard so she feels secure.
    Lilly cannot be taken to dog parks as there is risk she could get hurt again and set her back in her training. 
    Lilly is a love bug and needs a calm stable home she would be a great companion with some minor adjustments.



    Lily is settling in well, she has started to bark at things outside. She loves to run in back with the pack. She still has to learn about personal dog sibling space but its getting better. She loves to hang out on Elisa's bed and does ok in her room alone if she has a chew. Still can't trust the counter surfing but that is a bit better. She is a happy GSP with lots of snuggles to give. We are also working on her jumping and nipping excitedly,  that is better too. She needs a strong leader and she will thrive.


    Lilly is settling in and is starting to feel comfortable. She gets along with her two doggy foster brothers (A GPS and a border collie mix). She is doing ok with her GSP foster sister Kierah, but Kierah is a little cranky so we are taking our time with alone time for them.

    Lilly knows a few commands and does well when you call her. She is a MAJOR counter surfer and has gotten a few things because her foster mom forgot to keep things put away. She is good with the leave it correction when we catch her. She does good in the kennel , does whine when she's had enough of it, also when she knows you left. She has mild separation anxiety which is easily curbed with a Kong or some chewy thing in her crate. She cannot be left out on her own yet.   

    Lilly is a sweet girl that needs the right family to get her in the field hunting. 


    WGSPR Welcomes Lilly into rescue.  Lilly was born in Romania.   She comes with her Pedigree and her AKC Registration.  She likes attention and is a great hunter - she LOVES hunting.   She is e-collar trained and underground fence trained.  She is crate and house trained.  She is good with kids.  She does get along with some female dogs.  Male dogs are great with Lilly.  She has been taught to self feed.  She knows sit, come, down, stay, heal and front.  She has a very loving and willing personality.    She was diagnosed in December with IMPA - Immune Mediated Polyarthritis at Fox Valley Animal Referral.  She was treated with medication and has completed and is not showing any signs of continued problems.  






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