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  • Hi, my name is Flash, the Dash or a least that is what my foster mom keeps calling me. She is always telling me that I am quick to run after birds in the yard, after any ball or toys that are in play and pick up on any conversation that might be about my foster brothers that really doesn’t concern me. My foster mom says I am so smart, but really stubborn. I am not sure what she means by that.

    She tends to get mad at me when I get up on the counters in the kitchen, but I can’t help it the smells are so good. I eat all they give me, and I try to get into the food bin but they have it locked for some reason. I love ice cubes, I gotta have one every time someone gets one out of the place they come from, one of these days I think I might be able to get it myself.

    I love all the pillows they have to sleep on, and they let me sleep on the couches to snuggle with them when they are watching TV but they also let me sleep there at night. I do still not understand this getting on the bed and staying on the bed; there is just so much going on that I got to go check on things quick, then come back. The foster parents aren’t keen on up and down, this getting permission thing is rougher than I thought.

    I love going outside, there are so many birds, and my foster mom has to remember to put a special collar on me so I remember to stay in the yard. It is not like I forget where I live, I just don’t like to stay in the yard when chasing the birds they fly all over the place and I like to go with them. The sun is so nice I would lay in it all day if it wasn’t for the birds flying over me.


    Flash requires a small daily dose of oral prednisone (0.75mg) and percorten every 28 days via SubQ injection (1.0ml) and we are reducing his percorten.  He will need his electrolytes tested about every 3-6 month once he is stabilized on percorten.   Yearly vaccinations need to be given individually rather than in combo.  We will require extensive discussions with adopters veterinarian to ensure proper care and keeping up with latest treatment protocols. WGSPR will also be following up with adoptive family on a more frequent basis and we require the adopters to join CARE - an Addison Dog Support group.   More information on Addison's Disease can be found at:  https://canineaddisons.org/ 

    5/27/18: When it is too warm outside to sunbathe, one must do so in the comfort of air conditioned house on comfy pillow. 

    5/10/18: My morning wresting session with my foster-brother Max which can turn into a afternoon wrestling session with my foster-brother Max.

    5/8/18: Camp Wilderness. Sun bathing part-time when I am not outside lying in the sun.

    5/2/18:From Camp Wilderness, I am liking all the birds flying over, I get to run around all day my Foster Mom lets me out several times sometimes before I ask her.

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