• My name is Chance and I have traveled from Iowa just to be here in Wisconsin and find my furever home! I have been in the rescue and with a foster family since September and am really adjusting well with some stability in my life. My health is stable and they give me hemp oil once a day to help me relax and sleep. I am 10 years old but am active, love to play with toys and other dogs. I have a lot of life left in me!

    4/16/18: Pupdate on Chance:  He loves his new ball, he can't chew it up and it lights up. He will sit for it, chase it and tries to hide it. He loves to be outside in a sunny spot and just sleep there. His health seems to be stable some days; he still over does it so he shakes in his sleep. We give him hemp oil once a day which seems to help him relax and sleep. Chance just wants someone to spend his retirement days with.

    3/5/18: Chance is a sweet old man with a stubborn streak. He eats when he feels like it, he gets in the car when he feels like it, he plays when he feels like it and barks when he feels like it...... he loves his balls, he lives to love, he comes when he wants to. This old man needs someone to love him in his retirement. Chance has been in rescue for 7 months and really looking for his furever home.

    Update on Chance, he is doing well with his massage therapy, he actually has a stride now. He hates us messing with his toes so that part of therapy is tough. He is on Galiprant now and seems to be shaking less.
    Took him up north and he wanted to go go. Couldn't go far on the long lead though. He hit a rough patch after that, as I think he felt like he was on his own again. He was nervous and he got upset with Bubba near his food. After a few days he seems good.
    He loves balls, boots, shoes , he makes piles in the house of things that smell like us. He wants to be outside alot. Had his kidneys retested , numbers are the same. Another test in 2 weeks to see if the medications are good. More to come on Chance.

    10/25/17:Chance has been doing his massage therapy and is doing well. He has a spring in his step and is getting his playful self back. 

    10/1/17: Chance is fitting in with his foster siblings and has been learning how to get affection without getting in your face. He loves the birds and squirrels so much he barks at them in the trees. His first pain meds werent working right so now we are trying new stuff. He has a kink in his tail bone that causes pain and shaking which we are helping him with. He loves to be outside laying in the grass. He is a good counter surfer, we are helping him curb that and he loves to try to sneak out the front door. Helping him with that also. Chance is a sweet old man. 

    9/20/17:And a Chance Medical Update He has early signs of renal disease and he was neutered today. Chance is doing good after surgery and he had two teeth removed and the rest cleaned. We had an ultrasound done and xrays to help us further dx his health issues. We will continue to monitor his kidneys over the next couple of weeks. Chance has had one of his leg twitch and the xrays revealed that his tailbone is not straight like it should be, but the rest of his back and hips look good. Vet suspects he has a pinched nerve and we have him on tramadol to help with the pain. We are looking into alternative treatments for Chance as well. Please say a prayer for Chance!

    9/5/17:Chance needs to work on his crate training, however, he loves people and is getting along with his GSP foster siblings. Chance doesn't like to sleep on a dog bed and prefers the floor. Oh and he will howl at sirens! 

    9/4/17: Chance's story..... He wandered into a neighborhood in western Iowa a few weeks ago and Tracy and Kay took care of Chance - who they had named Duke. They fed him, ensured he had water made sure he was secured each day/night and had someone to love him while they searched for his owner. When no one came forward, they reached out to Great Plains Pointer Rescue (GPPR) for help. GPPR didn't have an open foster home for him and asked WGSPR for help. That is when the Chapin family decided to open up their home to Chance. Elisa, junior WGSPR volunteer decided to name him Chance because of his story and the movie Homeward Bound. The name is so fitting for this sweet boy. Here is what we do know about Chance. He is crate trained. Working on house training. Knows sit. Gets along with other dogs and kids. Very sweet demeanor. Does not like gunshots, train whistles/trains or loud noises - very scared. :-( Rides very well in the car. Chance does have alot of medical needs right now. He has a UTI that has not cleared with the antibiotics he is on so we are getting him back into the vet for a re-check to ensure there isn't anything else going on. Thin - he is thin and could afford about 8-10 pounds. Dental - he will need a dental cleaning as his teeth are in bad shape. He also has some warts or tiny tumors on 2 of his nipples so we will get that looked at. Vaccinations - we will get him up to date on his vaccinations. He will need to be neutered. Lastly - his one hind leg - he does not put weight on it and it shakes and has muscle atrophy and his paw is slightly curled, so that will be looked at by vet this week as well. This boy looks like he has had a not so good life over the years, and WGSPR is committed to getting him healthy and well so he can live out his senior years in comfort. More to come on Chance as we get to know this sweet sweet boy. 

    9/2/17 Chance had a long journey into Rescue across 3 states. More to come on Chance as we get to know him.

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