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  • 7/16/18:
    Well…..I went camping and I loved it!!!!    Although, I did drive mom a little nuts in the fact that I had to protect the campsite from everyone walking by.   With a little redirection, I was getting much better with letting people walk by. The weekend was filled with all sorts of new experiences.

    I tried swimming!     Initially, you could tell I hadn’t touched water but then I figured it out and became deaf to my name.    I would swim just about within reach and then head for the deeper water. Needless to say, I was driving mom and dad crazy (mom more so, as she isn’t a fan of water).   Eventually, I heard my name and reluctantly came to shore. It just proves that I need a little more work on recall when I am having fun.

    I tried bikejoring as well---that is pretty fun too.   I ran about 1 ½ miles as mom and dad decided I shouldn’t try the 5 miles Avi can do.   Again, I need to learn and practice the commands, especially pass by when I see another dog, but it was fun to hear mom squeal when I almost flipped her bike (hee-hee).    I went hiking but wasn’t allowed off leash like Avi….I really wanted to see what he was finding in the woods.

    I decided that sky raisins are a delicacy and I kept trying to catch them (little pests!).   Mom did get a great derp picture of me in mid bite, thanks a lot mom. I really enjoyed being outside all weekend and trying new and exciting things.    I was exhausted when I returned home.

    That little person came to spend time with his grandma and grandpa.   Hendrix and I got along really well--he likes to cuddle! I did have to remind him once or twice with my voice when he was getting a little too pushy, but I never snapped at him with my teeth.  Mom was very proud of me. I discovered the mounts on the walls---they had me obsessed for a day….those eyes kept watching me!!! I was particularly interested in the walleye and one of the grouse.  I am getting tired of staying attached to the deck, and love it when I get to work with the collar to learn the perimeter of the yard. I really want to be able to go out the door and run with Avi, who by the way brought mom a really interesting present, a bunny, which made me want to go get one.   I bet she would have been as excited as she was with the first 2.

    I am still patiently waiting for my furever home.    



    Hi my followers. I thought I would post a brief update, so you know what I have been up too. I have adapted well to both my human and dog family. Avi and I love to have stand offs over toys…..I don't growl at the men in my life anymore, although I still don't like quick movements when I'm not expecting them, I tend to tuck my tail and cower. I went to the vet to get a shot--I was ok in the vet office (nervous, but what girl wants to go to the Dr. and get poked with a needle), I was fine when the tech hugged me tight, I am a lover who likes to be close to people you know.

    This weekend my mom and dad took me to the hunting shack! Oh was it fun running in the woods and hunting for little critters that were in the wood pile! I can run pretty fast---I am able to keep up with Avi!!! This week, I get to go on a camping adventure. Guess mom and dad will find out if I like water or not.

    I met my mom and dad’s grandson yesterday. He’s cute. I was a good girl with him, I know with more exposure I’ll be even more comfortable with little people. Mom has been training me with the underground fence--I don’t like those warning beeps, but I know they mean business.

    I'm a happy go lucky girl who really, really loves to kiss! If you are laying down, I climb up on your shoulders and give slobbery kisses--can't get close enough! I am definitely making myself at home and taking over. I go in my crate without argument (although a treat helps!) I love toys and love to steal them from my brothers. I eat with the boys and we trade bowls occasionally, you never know if they may have something tastier than what I have. I am quiet most of the time, but am a better watch dog than my brothers---I also sound intimidating, unlike Avi.

    I’ll update after my camping adventure.

    And as you can see.. the folks at WGSPR are a little busy with all the dogs coming in that they are behind on their posts and here I am camping and I LOVE it!

    Anxiously and patiently waiting for my new family!



    Hi folks, Bella here. I’ve been in rescue 3 days and my family and I are learning a lot about each other. I get along great with my doggy foster brothers. I want to play with toys in the worst way, but mom is taking it slow—I know I could steal the toys from Avi! I tend to growl at the 2 legged men in the family if mom isn’t around. I just warn them I’m unhappy. I really am not a fan of having them stand higher than me (ie they are on the deck and I’m in the grass, or if they come in a room unexpectedly) however, a few treats and pets and we are good. However, at this point I am a momma’s girl. I wag my tail furiously for her, give her lots of kisses (I do kiss the boys too), paw her for attention and give little love nibbles. I have to be touching like a true piece of Velcro.

    I seem to know my name and will come when called. I do steps well. I’m indifferent to cats. I am a bed hog along with Avi—-a pile of pointers and hopefully mom and dad fit! I am not food aggressive and don’t seem to be toy aggressive. If I pick a toy from the toy box I like bones when alone, but if Avi is around I take a stuffy and tease him with it!!! Drives mom nuts!!!! I have a deep voice and if others bark, I join in. I am a watch dog! Thunderstorms don’t seem to bother me. Oh yeah, my 4 legged foster brother showed me a birds nest...trying to figure out how to climb that tree!

    Well, I will update when more of my personality is revealed.

    Ta-ta for now.
    Bella (aka Beautiful Bella)

    Bella joined rescue tonight as she has spent the last 6 months in a shelter. She is 5 years old and she is settling in comfortably tonight into her foster home.

    We will need some time to get to know her and evaluate her needs before she is ready for adoption.



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