• 5/21/18:Hello everyone my name is “Apache”; I was given this name by a nice man who found me on his doorstep, he tried to find my family but had no luck with the search. I recently came into the rescue since the nice man wanted me to be safe & boy WGSPR is awesome.

    I am a 2 yr old male, black & white ticked, mix shorthair. My size would be considered pocket size as I am small for a male (but don’t let my size fool you- strong) & weigh 56 lbs all muscle.  I have a long tail that will wag endlessly when I am happy, so watch your drinks on tables and your legs. I’ve been to the vet, really didn’t like since I got neutered, shots, and other things but found out that I have a low thyroid which is being treated with medication. I have a micro-chip now so I will never be lost again & up to date on all vaccinations. Otherwise a healthy, active GSP with a mellow side that shines like the rays from the sun. 

    Since I have arrived, my foster parents say I’m a calm quiet good boy when your home, hardly bark. If you are chillin on the couch or recliner, I am too right alongside of you or on top of you whatever you prefer (I personally prefer on top of you, I think I am what you refer to as a lap dog). Love to lounge around & be with you no matter what room you are in (if you move, I move too right behind you).  I do LOVE certain treats & seriously motivated by food (especially people food), no food aggression. I can be a little picky with my treats, milk bones (not preferred) & I will hide them (like in your shoes) but will take a different treat without hiding. I am gentle (you say nice) when given treats & think I have a soft mouth.  There is a possibility that I am a counter surfer (as a matter of fact I know I am) if I was taller I would be able to keep all the counters clean along with the dishes, I like to do my part around the house (no slacker here) but mom dad just have to say down. My listening skills are getting better every day, commands known: sit, stay, heel, no, wait, come here & go for a ride. I pretty much stay in the yard by you with a long lead & recall is excellent if I do say so myself but mom sometimes puts me on a fix lead because I don’t listen to her as much as dad, he’s my pack leader. I haven’t found a dog that I didn’t like so far, as I live with 2 foster siblings, been put in my place by my brother but I needed to know where I stood.  I am most of the time very respectful & will let others (dogs not humans) sniff me but let’s just get it over quickly. I like to run around with the big dogs & have a great time. I love walks (puller), watch people, birds & squirrels out the front window along side of my siblings. We have a tree in the backyard that all the squirrels will gather & drive me nuts, I love to chase them up it, climb it & dance under it. I am getting pretty good at dancing & standing on my back legs for extended time trying to get to the squirrels. Very athletic & can jump really high. Love to play with tennis balls (you throw, I will play all day) & will drop them by your feet, toys are awesome (like very much). Travel excellent in the car (you say go for a ride I am there) & will be your co-pilot in the seat next to you if you allow me. I like to sleep with you (I mean right next to you, literally touching you) but will be nesting my comforter on the floor into a bed if you move too much that I cannot sleep. Oh yea I love giving kisses but told my breath stinks, I don’t notice it so I still give lots of kisses.

    I do have a few quirks that are annoying even to me. Grooming is very difficult since I have an issue with you touching my feet & ears. Baths, nail trimming & ear cleaning are difficult (when I trust you eventually let you touch me all over). Mom gave me a bath, took awhile & she eventually won, nails- I always get the same groomer (really nice) who I trust since mom told them about my issues with my feet. I consider my ears off limits; ear cleaning is a whole different matter. I live with a kitty right now (not fond of) that will not come upstairs (blocked off) as she is pretty sure I will eat her (I know I will!!!). So please if you have a kitty look no further, I cannot stand cats. Kennels suck too, I bark A LOT in it (very insecure). My parents are teaching me to use it & feed me in it to get me more familiar with being in it. It’s a slow process, but getting really good about eating in it (as I said food motivated). Parents think they could trust me being out of the kennel when they are gone but haven’t tried yet as mom has been home all day since my arrival.  Insecure but submissive: will get frighten of fast movements (for this reason it is no children under 15 yrs as they tend to be fast & real grabby with ears, feet, tail ect). Signs of my insecurities: tail tucked, scared, pacing & panting but reassuring words from you will help me overcome my worries. I have had 3 accidents in the house - no peeing, just pooping like when tried to clean my ears (scared) and first day jitters. Insecurities will cause me to be leery around certain people, so I need someone who can really read me when I am stressed or acting a certain way that is not the normal me.

    This is all about me in a nutshell, oh yea just one more thing to stress if you are interested in me; my perfect home would be no children under 15yrs, no cats, love me for who I am (quirks and all), patience & understanding, reads my insecurities & will deflect them, home most of the time so I don’t have to be in kennel, has another pup (I thrive when another is around) and just gives me the love I crave oh and want to play fetch in all your spare time, I will be devoted to you for life with no strings. If you think you fit the bill please get going on your application so I can meet you. Well everyone ta ta for now, will write more in the future, hopefully I won’t have too as I am hoping to have a family of my own soon. I love my foster family & have grown very fond of them but I want other dogs in need of rescue to have a home available, start their new life with WGSPR & my parents since this has been awesome so far. 

    Love, Apache  

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