• Scrappy


    SPECIAL NEEDS: Scrappy has allergies and is currently on a food elimination diet to figure out the foods she is allergic to.  She also requires special baths weekly to keep her skin clean and free from itching. 

  • 7/27/19:
    Scrappy is an amazing family dog. She loves to be around people and she wants to please. She is a big snuggler and is always right by your side on the couch or in bed. She stays around and comes when she is called. She came to us afraid of water but since we have a pool and spend a lot of time at the lake we have been working on that. She will not go in the water on her own but now when we put her in, she does swim. She is showing improvement with her food trial that we are using to figure out her allergies. She does better with weekly baths at this time because of her allergies, but she definitely doesn't enjoy them. She is doing better with her counter surfing. We still would not leave things out when we aren't home, but she is no longer taking things when we look away which is a very good thing since she is only allowed to eat her dog food at this time. Scrappy is the most loyal dog, she love her walks, playing fetch and gets along with all of our dogs and our friends' dogs-even our daughter's cat and the bunnies in our yard.

    We are currently working with a dermatologist to help us understand what Scrappy is allergic too. She currently is on a food elimination diet so we can rule out which foods she is allergic to.

    Scrappy - a 5 yr old female is on her way to rescue/foster care tonight. More to come on this sweet gal as we get to know her.

    THANK YOU to Carrie Ensrud for transporting her and Kim and Ken for fostering Scrappy.


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