• Sage, In Foster Care, Under Evaluation

  • 4/15/19:
    Sage was wondering if there was any money in the rescue budget to have her eyebrows dyed.  She feels her grey face is going to make potential adopters think she's old and she wants to look as young as she feels!  We discovered she can move really fast when there's a bunny in the yard and no amount of rain or snow will deter her from wanting to be outdoors.  She makes a great indoor companion who is happy to hang out wherever you are but she really looks forward to our walks after dinner.  Her teeth chatter when she's excited and that's the signal we get when she thinks it's time to go...she follows us around or sits and stares until we cave in and grab the leashes.  While she continues to get along well with her foster brothers, she needs a little time to warm up to other dogs.  She doesn't like them getting up close and in her face...perhaps still a little sensitive from her dental work or before when she might have had some discomfort OR perhaps she just needs some personal space.  It's nothing she doesn't get over but we've learned she will give a warning if a dog is too excitable and rude upon first meetings.  We've had zero accidents in the house...she does well at night sleeping on her dog bed...she's very comfortable in her crate when we're gone...not a peep out of her although she does expect a treat for going in.  We do have to speak up if we want her to hear us - she probably can't hear those low tones anymore, but she does respond when we get louder, so there is definitely hearing there, just not as sharp as it used to be.  She has plenty of energy left for an older gal...and she loves belly rubs...and dinner time!  You can see from the picture, she's not nearly as lazy as her foster brothers!
    She had a good week.  No issues...trying to leave her out of the crate overnight and for short periods of time if we leave to run an errand.  So far, so good.  We took her with us on Saturday when the boys went hunting.  I stayed far back and just walked with her in the field.  She didn't love it.  I think she enjoyed being outside, but the terrain was a little muddy and full of puddles so she didn't seem comfortable.  I took her back to the truck early where she enjoyed hanging out and eating a few treats.  By the time the boys came back all muddy and tired, she was snoozing away all cozy and comfy!
    She is a total shadow...follows you around all over the house.  Still loving going on walks every day.  She does little bunny hops when the leash comes out.  She loves dinner time and all kinds of treats.  We haven't had any dog issues with food or treats or chews.  I separate slightly during meal time and stay close to oversee the activity - no growls or grumbles - everyone sticks to their bowl.  She has found one of the stuffed toys that seems to be her favorite.  She'll get in a mood where she carries it around and gives it a few shakes - likes to come close to you with it and then play keep-away. 
    She's been great meeting new people.  She's not a barker.  She's doing well with the yard and boundaries...mostly dragging a long lead but she doesn't go far.



    13 year old Sage made her way to WGSPR on Saturday. She was saved off Craigslist in the Twin Cities about 2 weeks ago. She received a much needed dental and proper vetting. We are still getting to know her and her new foster mom says she loves to be outside and go for walks. THANK YOU to Great Plains Pointer Rescue for your partnership to save Sage! More to come on Sage....