• 7/27/19: 

    As she is known around her foster home, “Princess Greta” is a total doll and loves to be loved on. She has an incredibly soft coat and loves to be near and with her humans. When Greta came to us, she was thought to have some human aggression issues; we have seen nothing to support that claim. She loves to be walked around town and happily asks for pets from strangers passing by. She loves to run around with her foster brothers in the yard but playing fetch isn’t her thing (princesses don’t play fetch apparently). She knows all basic commands very well but she might try to ignore you on occasion as princesses don’t need to take orders all of the time.

    Greta has a STRONG prey drive and has taken opportunities to eat a bunny in our yard. She would not be good with small animals in general as she may likely try to eat them (this would include cats and small dogs).  While Greta currently lives wonderfully with two other dogs (intact males), she can be picky about her choice of house mates to be friends with. She would need someone who has the patience and skill set to help manage the dog relationships in a house. She isn’t a dominant dog, but if someone else instigates, she may not back down. Initial introductions will need to be done carefully if there are other dogs in the house.

    Greta would do well being an only dog in a house or with someone who is very experienced managing and training dogs. She would do well with a yard (not necessarily fenced in as she is e-collar trained) and/or with someone who is an avid runner (running several miles nearly everyday). She is an EXCELLENT running partner and she seems to be able to maintain pretty good focus on runs. With more practice, she will only improve. 



    Greta is making her way onto rescue today. She has a long 8 hour journey ahead of her.


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