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  • 3/14/!9: 

    Frostie is a wonderful, sweet dog!  She is great with both her GSP foster brothers and the cats.  She is super affectionate and shows that she still has a bit of spunk by initiating wrestle play and letting us know when squirrels are at the bird feeder.  

    Her health continues to improve.  She is gaining weight and has no signs of kennel cough.  She is still a bit weak especially in her back legs but she is always eager to go outside with us.  She listens but she's still a bit unsure with her new name.  We feel she has severe if not complete hearing loss but she does follow hand gestures.
    We think she may have had free access to the outside before.  We are working together on cues to let us know when she wants to go outside. 


    Frostie had her vet appt this week and she has a few things going on.   She has a bad ear infection, kennel cough and anaplasmosis which is being treated with antibiotics.  She also has arthritis and a heart arrhythmia.  We have started her on Dasuquin.  She needs a dental badly but due to the arryhythmia, we need to hold on her dental until she gains some much needed weight and gets rid of her infections.   We will need to do an EKG to help us assess if we can put her under anesthetic.   At this point, we are working with our vets, as we are not sure if we will be able to get the dental completed.  We are not able to tell if she has been spayed and may not due to her medical issues.   We do believe Frostie was a breeding mom.  The good news is that all of her lumps were bioposied and came back negative - they are just fatty tumors. YAH!

    Frostie is the sweetie gal and gets along with other dogs.  We also believe she was a hunter as she is showing very keen interest in wildlife and has a nice solid point.   She is looking for some love and we are giving it to her.  She is a precious soul!  



    Frostie is making her way into rescue today. She was found last week when it was -55 below zero and taken to humane society. She has not been reclaimed. Frostie was dehydrated and is underweight. She needs her teeth looked at, her nails done, and some lumps biopsied. We have a vet appt for her in 1.5 weeks to understand all of her medical needs.

    Thank you to Nicole and Elisa Chapin for meeting Frostie and to Mark and Sheila for transporting Frostie today into rescue.







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