• Daisy, Available for Adoption

  • SPECIAL NEEDS: Daisy has Addison's Disease and requires daily oral medication, monthly injections and electrolytes checked every 3-6 months.   She cannot have any NSAIDs and will need her vaccinations given one month at a time and NEVER the combo.  Her stress will have to be managed as well.   Monthly Costs estimated at $20 - $100/month depending on veterinarian.


    Daisy’s Update.....
    Daily is a stunning example of the GPS breed and she will steal your heart at first site. She has a kind and loving soul and will be your faithful companion if given the chance.
    Since she has been in our care, we have made a collaborative effort with our president of WGSPR ( who is an expert on canine Addison’s disease) and our caring vet to properly manage Daisy’s Addisons. We had little knowledge regarding this disease but have discovered that Daisy’s care was quit simple and easy to manage. She is stable and flourishing. You would never guess that she has an illness.
    We have made it a priority to continue to work on her basic obedience skills. She is mastering the basic obedience commands and has been improving everyday with consistent work and strong leadership. Daisy is smart ,loves to learn and responds well to positive praise and yummy treats. We are impressed by her recall which is 100% of the time. She comes running
    when we call her name. She is e-collar trained but we have not had to use it for correction and have only used the tone to establish boundaries so she will stays in the yard at our cabin.
    Daisy has good house manners and crates well when asked to do so. She has displayed good behavior when meeting new dogs and has fit in well with our 3 GPS dogs. She easily became parts of the pack. She does well with our outdoor cats and is
    frequent seen nose to nose with them as if they are saying “hello”.
    Daisy is an athlete. She is playful, agile and loves to play fetch. She loves the water and has progressed from barely wading in the lake to learning to swim and now she jumping off the dock to fetch balls.
    Daisy is loving, cuddly and loyal. She enjoys her downtime by curly up on her bed and
    snoozing but will happily snuggle up next to you if she is invited to join you.
    So, you can be Daisy’s hero by giving her the “fur-ever” home that she deserves and she will in turn be your hero by being a loving and loyal companion and family member. She loves the special people in her life with all her heart and her happy spirit is guaranteed to make you
    smile everyday.
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Hello Everyone,
    My name is Daisy and I am a 5 year old GSP female with Addison’s Disease. I arrived in Wisconsin on May 30th from Colorado. A lot of great volunteers helped me get to my new foster home via car and airplane transportation. I traveled well and made the journey safely without any issues.
    I did very well fitting into my new place and became instant friends with my 3 GPS foster
    sisters. My foster parents are impressed at how quickly I became a part of the family how easy it is to care for me. So far what my foster parents found out about me is.........
    ~ I have a gentle sweet personality and love to be around people
    ~I’m very playful and could play “fetch” for hours. I love toys and do not like to share them.
    ~I get along well with my foster GPS sisters and have not shown any aggressive behavior.
    ~I’m house trained and crate trained
    ~I’m very skilled at recall and will come running when my name is called.
    ~I am a little rusty with my basic obedience skills. But I’m getting better everyday with practice
    ~I do not have food aggression and eat side by side 2 times a day with my foster sisters.
    ~I have a blast at the lake and love the water.
    I’m a stable with my Addison’s Disease but we have a goal of managing it better
    with the appropriate amount of medication.
    My foster parents think that I am a special GPS that is full of love and loyalty and will make a wonderful addition to any home. I cant wait to get to my forever home.

    To learn more about Addisons, click https://canineaddisons.org/

    All interested adopters will be required to join the CARE FB group and their vet must be on board with the latest studies and treatments in Addison's Disease.