• Carmen

  • Carmen

  • My name is Carmen. I am such a happy, go lucky senior lady! I love life to the fullest as you can see in my photos! Nothing stops me - not age, not my vision! I chase the ball, chase and chew sticks in the yard and just have a ball being in the yard with people and other dogs!

    5/10/18: Carmen is so active for her age and for being partially blind! We are amazed by her energy level and confidence! She is playing, walking and has received a good bill of health from her last vet visit back in April.

    3/31/18: Update on Carmen from her foster mom:  I have been gone for the last 8 days and so surprised at Carmen’s progress. Yep, that is her in the picture trotting in the backyard. When we picked her up on March 17th she could hardly stand up on her own...now she chases a balls. Her coat is nice and shiny and she has gained a few pounds. She goes up and down the stairs with Neil to build back the muscle in her legs. Brutus and Ava don’t growl at her anymore. She still has a long recovery ahead of her but she is really doing great.

    Carmen came into rescue severely malnourished and very weak. We have done a complete blood panel on her and she is overall healthy and are watching a few things that we are hoping is linked to the lack of proper nutrition. She will be seeing the vet again in 30 days.   

    Carmen is partially blind and relies on her humans to help guide her in areas that she is not familiar with. As you can see, she is great in our backyard, and looking directly at me while taking a photo of her.   

    3/17/18: WGSPR welcomes Carmen into rescue. 

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