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  • 5/20/19: 

    Hi Bullet checking in with an update.  It's been a long time since I have updated everyone but I have been working hard since I came back from my training.  I like my crate so much more now, my foster mom said she can't believe the change in me, she says I'm like a different dog.  I have been working really hard with my foster family to keep up with all the training I learned while I was away.  I sleep in my crate every night and also spend time there during the day.  The crate is no longer a scary place for me, I do still cry for a minute when my foster family leaves but I am able to calm myself down pretty quickly.  I also learned another command called "Chill" it is used to help me remember that I need to calm my body down.  My foster family needs to use this one a lot with me, I get so excited and forget that I need to work on my impulses.  Sometimes I have to go back into my kennel and try coming out again because I come out too fast.  I also learned a command called "Place" which means I need to go into my special place and lay down until someone releases me.  While I was at training I used a dog cot and my foster family has a dog bed that I use at there house.  I like this one, but sometimes when no one is watching me is sneak out and get on the furniture.  Most of the time I am really good at staying on place and can spend hours there, I am really calm and relaxed when I am in this command.  I am still a little on the skinny side and my foster mom is trying to give me more food to see if that will help me gain a little weight.  I love spring now that all the snow is gone and it's nice I like to spend time outside running around the yard with my foster brother.  Sometimes we play ball and I like that, I have not really learned to bring the ball back yet but I sure love to run around the yard and chase the ball or my foster brother.  I also love to sleep on the deck and lay in the sun.  



    What can we say about Bullet? We are SO PROUD of him and his accomplishments over the last month. Bullet had severe crate anxiety, had no impulse control, and leash reactivity that our foster tried so hard to help him with. We sent him to a 3 week board and train and he has done AMAZINGLY well. He is back with our foster and his training continues. His future family will be required to continue the training and follow the protocol including a visit with Bullet's trainer, so that Bullet can continue to excel.

    GREAT JOB Bullet!

    THANK YOU to Rescue Gang Dog Training for your help with Bullet!



    Hi Bullet here checking in with another update.  I have been with my foster family for a little over a month now.  I really enjoy playing with my foster brother a 4 yr old GSP we love to wrestle and chase each other.  When I first came here I could not keep up with my foster brother but now sometimes I can even run faster than he does.  I love kids I have attached some pictures of me with one of my foster kids.  I am really good and don't try to steal any food from him.  I am still working on my crate training I still do not like to go in there and cry a lot while I am in there.  I am getting better with my impulse control and have been sitting longer while I wait for my food.  I am working with my foster family to work through things I am afraid of like water, hair dryers and tall men.  My foster mom took me to this this big store that was full of great smelling things I was very scared but I walked through the whole store.  I even got a cookie at the end, my foster mom says she will take me back again.  I am still trying to walk nicely on a leash but I get so excited sometimes I misbehave.  I am still very much a puppy and still play bite and jump up sometimes but my foster family is working with me on this.  Well that's all for now but more to come soon. Love Bullet

    Hi Bullet here checking in with an update on foster life.  I have been with my foster family for two and half weeks now.  It took me a bit to settle in and get used to my new home and family.  I had my birthday while I was here and my foster family gave me a big bone cookie and a stuffed animal.  I am officially two years old now, I am still very much a puppy though I love to jump up on things and I'm still a bit mouthy.  My foster family is trying to work with me on some impulse control so I stop jumping so much.  I love to go for walks but I still pull so my foster family is trying to help me work on that as well.  I was very skinny when I first got here but I am starting to put on some weight to try and get back to a healthy weight.  I do not like my kennel but my foster family has been working with me to get better about staying in there, and I am starting to not mind it so much anymore.  I love to lay under my foster moms desk while she is working and sleep.  I am attaching a picture.  I have been playing a lot with my foster brother a 3 year old GSP and it used to be so hard to keep up with him but now I can run around just as much as he does.  I am currently working  on learning how to sit but I get so excited sometimes I do frog jumps while I trying to sit.  I still have some things in my past that scare me and I run and hide, my foster family is trying to help me work through this as well.  I have two foster kids that I love to give kisses to, I love to give kisses to everyone if they let me.  Christmas was great for me Santa brought me candy cane rawhide, I love to chew them but I need to be by myself when I chew them.  I can't wait to share more of my adventures with you.  Talk to you again soon.

    Based on behaviors we are seeing, we do feel Bullet has been abused in his previous life.   He is afraid of men and will pee in fear.  He also cowers and will lay on the floor and protect his head.  We are working with Bullet to re-build his trust and confidence.  He is a very playful puppy and will need some training.   He is good with other dogs and kids. 

    Bullet arrived into rescue yesterday. He is a GWP/GSP mix. He is 2 yrs old and full of energy. He knows some basic commands. More to come on Bullet as we get to know him.






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