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  • 12/9/18:

    Hey it’s me Brodee with an update for everyone.  I have now been with my foster family for about 4 months and boy it’s been great.  I am down even more on my weight and continually making giant leaps with eating healthy.  I’m continually meeting new people and getting so much attention.  I found out not only do I like to play catch with balls or toys but these snowballs we’ve been playing with lately really are cool, I just can’t figure where they go after I try to catch them.  My foster mom says I’ve been such a good boy and the other morning we had stocking hung by the fireplace and guess what, I had treats in mine!  Oh and I spent a good part of the day chewing on my raw hide bone. J  We’ve spent time decorating our Christmas tree and making cookies too.  Scout and I like to sit in the kitchen just hoping for something to drop.  Beside all this I’m so thankful for the car rides and walks we go on.  I love taking rides, even long ones to go see my friend Katie and her dogs.  I can’t forget one thing I love and that’s when I’m taking my naps.  My foster mom always makes sure I’m comfy and makes sure I have lots of blankets to snuggle with on these cold day.  Well I hope to maybe see you soon and Happy Holidays until my next update.


    Hi everyone my name is Brodee, that’s right with two e’s. As you can see I was, well should we say, a little over weight. When I started out I was 95 pounds. Well my foster mom has made me trade in my Cheetos for nice tasty carrots and has me on a diet. I still am working through some of my very bad habits I acquired but I’m sure with some persistency and attention I’ll be broke of them in no time. I love to play and run outside with the foster family kids and my new friend Scout, the family dog. I get along great with everyone I meet, sometimes I’m a little shy until I get to know them. Oh yes, I’m sure you may want to know how much weight I’ve lost. I’m down to 84 pounds and still going.

    Brodee is doing well and has lost 5 pounds. We are so proud of him. He gets along with cats and other dogs very well. He is gentle and would be great with kids. He gets excited with the ecollar as he knows he is going for a run. He still has some weight to shed and we will continue to work on that with him.

    Pictures are from his weekend at his temp foster home while is foster family is away for the weekend. As you can see he is a very happy boy!

    9/17/18: Brodee made his way to rescue today.  We will get him the medical attention he needs and get him back to a healthy weight.  More to come on Brodee as we get to know him and understand his medical needs.

    See Brodee playing in the woods in this video: 

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