• Bella - Available for Adoption

  • 2/14/19:
    Hi everyone,
    This Bella and her new foster family with an update!!!
    I’ve been in my new foster home for about a month and doing well. My foster parents gave me
    a couple weeks to settle in and have been monitoring my behavior closely. They are
    continuing my training regime and say that they are seeing improvement. I just need them to be
    my leader and train me to do things the right way. I'm getting there.
    I have 3 foster GPS sisters that I get along well with. We eat side by side, we play outside
    together and we nap on our comfy beds in front of the fireplace together.
    I'm good at following basic commands and kennel-up without a problem. My foster mom said
    I'm close to perfect at “heal” and I “come” when they call me. I am completely house trained
    and will not chew on anything but my toys.
    I do like to warn my family if a car drives into the yard and occasionally if there is something
    odd outside that my foster sisters and I aren't sure of but I am getting better at quieting down
    when asked.
    I am so happy being around my foster family and love it when they pet me and show me some
    Bella is an amazing dog. She is very loving, smart, playful and loyal. She is one of the calmer
    GPS that we have had the opportunity to worked with and is close to flawless at following
    basic commands of come, sit, down, stay, place and heal. Bella has very good recall outdoors.
    She has not displayed food or toy aggression and fits in well with our little GPS pack.
    Bella has had a rough beginning to her life and has acquired a few predictable reactive
    behaviors. We feel that we have been able to identify what causes her to react and have been
    able to easily manage these situations but have been continuing the training to eliminate these
    behavioral responses. We are successfully making progress by following training guidelines
    that were specifically designed to meet her needs. Bella is very smart and is responding well to
    her training once she understands the unwanted behavior and receives praise and rewards for
    the behavior we expect.
    Bella has such a loving spirit and loyal personality that she will do well in a fur-ever home that
    will provide her with a safe and trusting environment with a leader that will continue to help her
    be the best dog she can be. She will forever be you loyal companion and friend if you show her
    the love that she deserves.


    Bella will need a special adopter that is willing to continue to work on her training and her needs.   She went to a our trainer for her reactivity issues and our foster family continues to work with her.   She is reactive when meeting new (any) dogs and certain people that she does not like.   She is getting good with sit, stay, place,  and she has been good with heel, but.....down still needs work!   Her training regime will need to continue and be followed for the rest of her life so that she doesn't digress from the work and time our foster has put into her.     We will require  her new family to meet with our trainer as well to discuss her ongoing training needs.   We will also not adopt Bella out to adopters with children under 12 years old.


    Bella joined rescue tonight as she has spent the last 6 months in a shelter. She is 5 years old and she is settling in comfortably tonight into her foster home.

    We will need some time to get to know her and evaluate her needs before she is ready for adoption.



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