• Angus - Available for Adoption

  • 11/19/18: 
    Angus is a sweet lovable boy. He is an 80 pound black GSP who is getting along well with his GSP brother and his 2 human kids!! He’s nearly 13 years old, but still has lots of puppy energy. He is housebroken. He does not counter surf. He walks well on a leash. He has a great nose.He does not sit on furniture. At night, he’ll curl up on a dog bed at the foot of our bed or in the family room with his brother. Angus went to the vet this week and had his many fatty lumps looked at. GSP's frequently get fatty lumps as they age and they are not cancerous. While there, he met the vet’s cats and just wanted to sniff them. The soft toys and tennis balls around our home, he loves to chew. He was not territorial over them. He grew up with an electric fence and has done well in our yard without leash. (Electric fence collar in place).

    Angus understands the commands sit, heel, stop and here. We have not had opportunity to use the word off or down since he doesn’t jump on things or people.
    He whines or barks when he wants to go out. Angus will be a great senior pup to have in your home.... with or without other dogs, cats or kids!

    Almost 13 yr old Angus made his way to rescue tonight. His owner wanted nothing but the best for Angus as he could not longer keep him. WGSPR assured him that Angus would be well taken care of. We had a wonderful foster family step up to foster Angus. Angus is jet black with a bit of grey in his muzzle. He is neutered, up to date on vaccinations. He is getting acquainted with his new foster family.

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