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License #403447

Ace- Available for Adoption

Name:  Ace

Breed:  German Shorthaired Pointer

Age: 10

Sex:  Male

Altered:  Neutered

Vaccinations:  Up to date

Heartworm:  Negative

Microchip: AKC Reunite

Cats: Not tested 



I am Ace. My foster dad says that I am a high-energy “sweetheart.” That’s really nice to hear! He sees me for the nice, vivacious boy that I am, and I appreciate that. When I first met my foster brother GSPs, I came on a little strong and tried to be alpha. But with some guidance from the other dogs and from my foster humans, I soon realized I was part of the gang, and I’ve settled in really nicely. Now, I live in harmony with my foster brothers, and even sleep nicely with everyone on the human bed.

When I was rescued, I was really “skinny” (according to my foster dad). Now, I am a fit 60 lbs, and my foster dad says I really, really like to eat. If one of my brothers leaves even a morsel in their bowls, I make sure I eat what’s left. But I make sure I burn off any extra calories by playing in the yard and running and running and running. When I come back inside, I settle nicely into the family groove.

The two things I like best of all--even better than food—is to ride in the car with my head hanging out the window, and to chase squirrels and rabbits. My foster dad says that I might be a good hunter if trained properly. I have the “instinct.” I also have a tender joint in my ankle from an injury I sustained when I was younger. It normally doesn’t bother me however if I run for a really, really long time (like a day of hunting), I will start to limp on it. The vet said a day of rest, some anti-inflammatories and I would be good as new.

I know some commands, such as “come,” “fetch,” and “sit,” and I love to give kisses to my foster humans. I’m not bothered by loud noises, and I enjoy meeting other humans. My foster dad says that I should be in a controlled environment when meeting other dogs. I’m not sure what that means, but I do get a little bossy and it’s probably best that I find a home with an experienced GSP owner who can help me feel confident and secure around other dogs. I am fitting in well with my foster dogs, so it’s not that I need to be an only dog. I just need guidance.

I don’t really like crates, but heck, I don’t need them because I behave very nicely inside the house! I just chill during the day with my brothers until my foster parents come home from their workday.

My foster dad says that I am doing really well with him and his family, and that I would make the right family very happy!


This beautiful boy named Ace is making his way to rescue today and to a whole new life he has never experienced!! Please say a prayer for safe travels to his new foster parent's.

A HUGE Thank you to Copper Country HS that assisted with Ace's freedom and transport to WI.

More to come on Ace and his story as we get to know him.

If you are interested in adopting Ace, please complete our adoption application at http://www.wgspr.com/adoption.htm