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Wilson - Available for Adoption

Name:  Wilson

Breed:  German Shorthaired Pointer

Age: ~7  yrs old

Sex:  Male

Altered:  Neutered

Vaccinations: TBD

Heartworm:  TBD

Microchip: TBD




11/1/17: We received this update from Wilson's GSP sister NI (Formerly Coca)

Hi Terri,

It’s me, your Coco Bean. Mommy and Daddy are so busy getting ready for winter that I thought I would help them by writing Wilson’s update.

He fits in nicely with AU and I. However, he is stealing my snuggle time and he thinks he should also get attention. We get along great and play away the day. We haven’t broken anything yet. But we do get a bit rambunctious.

Wilson loves to be outside. At first he would just watch us play ball. Now he is starting to run after the ball with us. Good thing he isn’t very fast because I won’t be happy if he gets the ball. AU and I run as fast as we can to get it. AU lets me get it.

At night Wilson tries really hard to sleep in the bed with all of us. There just isn’t enough room, so Mommy snuggles with him on the floor until he falls asleep then she joins us in bed. Mommy and Daddy need a bigger bed and more pillows for all of us. He sleeps through the night on his pillow. I know he would prefer to snuggle in with the rest of us.

Wilson is losing weight, I am not sure how as he doesn’t run and jump like I do. He is so lazy that even when he snuggles on the recliner, Daddy has to lower the foot part down so he can slide off the chair. He likes to sleep away the day surrounded by pillows. He will go into the crate, but barks and complains for a few minutes before he settles down. I do the same thing, so he probably learned that from me.

Could you please find a home for him?? I am afraid that Mommy and Daddy will fall in love with him and he will be staying with us. I do like the extra playmate, but I want to be top dog (after AU) again.


Coco Bean

Greetings WGSPR fans! My name is Wilson and I came into rescue last week. I am about 7 yrs old and neutered. I do need my vaccinations updated and a microchip. I love to hunt and cats are not my friend and the reason I was surrendered. My foster parents have this to say about me:

Wilson is just a sweetheart. He knows come, stay, sit and shake. He respects our fence, his recall is excellent and he is just the best snuggler. No food aggression with our two dogs. He loves to play and run in the yard. He prefers to sleep on the bed next to his humans, but will sleep on the floor on his bed. He is great with kids, does not jump up on people and just a sweet dog.

Today he did get a bath. He is very soft and white with liver ticking. He wasn't thrilled but tolerated it well. He spent most of the afternoon outside sniffing around. He is being ecollar trained and already comes when beeped twice.

He does need to lose weight. He will be weighed on Tuesday to get a starting point. He does pull on a leash so some training will need to be done. He does not like people to touch his feet. However, he will allow you to touch his paws when given the command shake.

Once we get the vetting done, he will be ready for his forever home. That family will be lucky to have him.

If you are interested in adopting Wilson, please complete our adoption application at http://www.wgspr.com/adoption.htm