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License #403447

Remi - In Foster Care, Under Evaluation


Breed:  German Shorthaired Pointer

Age:  7 yrs old

Sex:  Female

Altered:  Yes

Vaccinations:  Up to date

Heartworm:  TBD

Microchip: TBD

Cats: Prefers home without

Hi!!! My name is Remi,

I've been with my foster parents for 3 days now and I am settling in nicely. My foster parents have been spending a lot of time with me, trying to get to know me. What they have discovered so far is:

 I am house trained and when I need to go out to do my business, I will let them know. 
 I am crate trained and go into it easily when I'm told to kennel up. I sleep well in it all night. 

I get along well with my foster GSP sisters and have already taken naps with them on our dog bed. I would love to take a nap on the couch but my foster mom won't allow it in case  my new forever home would prefer that I do jump on the furniture. 

They found out that I do like to play and will fetch a ball and love the game hide and seek.

I have great recall skills and have returned 100% of the time by calling my name but respond even better when they whistle. They believe that I am whistle trained and plan to work with me using a whistle.

I am a little chunky so my foster parents are focusing on getting me plenty of exercise which I love. They found out that I am  great on a lease but I also am used to being on a check rope. I love it when they let me explore and sniff my surroundings and I will come back to them immediately when they call me. I pay very close attention to them on my walks because they will hide on me and I need to find them before we can continue on our walk. 

At first I was very aggressive towards the outdoor cats that seem to always be on the deck but my foster parents are working with me so I know that the cats are part of the family. I am getting used to seeing them thru the patio door but if I get a chance I will chase them. My foster parent are happy that they  can call me off the chase and I will return to their side. 

I eat well along side my foster sisters but will snitch their food if I get a chance. I don't even mind if my foster mom touches me or my food while I am eating. 

I'm good at the sit command but I need to work on stay. I break the stay position only rush to their side and not to run away.

That's it for now. Watch for further update. I am looking forward to finding my forever home.

Remi will be making her way to rescue this week.  Stay tuned for updates as we get to know her. 

If you are interested in adopting Remi, please complete our adoption application at www.wgpsr.com/adoption.htm