Wisconsin German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue Inc.

WGSPR is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to rescuing German Shorthaired Pointers (GSPs)
License #403447

Lucy - Under Medical Care, Not Currently Available for Adoption

Name:  Lucy

Breed:  German Shorthaired Pointer

Age: 1.5 yrs old

Sex:  Female

Altered:  Spayed

Vaccinations:  Up to date

Heartworm:  Negative

Microchip: AKC Reunite

Cats: Not tested

Medical Conditions:   Hip Joint Issue that requires Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation



Due to Lucy's Medical issue, we do not know the amount of time it will take for her surgery and rehabilitation, nor her prognosis, so we are not accepting applications until we have time to thoroughly assess her condition with our veterinarians.

Hi Everyone!

My name is Lucy and I’m new to the GSP Rescue.  I’m only 1 year old and I have lots of energy.  My owner surrendered me to the Rescue as I had some issues with the other female dog in the house.  I had a very long car ride one Saturday, all the way from Illinois to Wisconsin Rapids, WI.  When I finally met up with my foster family, oh how happy I was to see they had kids!!!  They gave me all the attention, love, hugs and kisses and dog could ask for.  Well in return they got many kisses right back from me. 


My foster family also has a male GSP, Scout that is 3 ½ years old.  I really didn’t like him much at first but they had realized I had been though a lot and had patience with me.  Scout and I like to play outside which I quickly learned he was much bigger and truly was the boss of the house.  Eventually, I started to mind my manners.  Now we play a lot and wear off our energy together.  My foster family keeps me clean with a bath every week and boy do I love the bath tub.  Sometimes I’m in there before the water ever gets run.  My foster mom and dad ask me to do a lot of things when it comes to treats but the only one I really know right now is sit.  We are working on shaking and down as well but my nose is too busy trying to smell out what treat they have this time.  I know I can do it, I’m a quick learner.  I have been having a few problems with going potty in the house, mom said I need to work on that as she’s tired of cleaning the carpet spots.  I love to be outside getting the fresh air, I can’t wait for the walks to start.  I do have a little problem with my back hip that is affecting my back leg.  I have only really used it for balance.  Mom and dad are going to take me in for an evaluation to have surgery.  They said not to worry as they will be right by my side.  They talked that I will most likely have rehab after so I can strengthen my back leg muscles and then watch out I’ll be back on all 4s.  The foster kids said they LOVE ME!!