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License #403447

Diamond - Available for Adoption

Name:  Diamond

Breed:  German Shorthaired Pointer

Age: 15  yrs old

Sex:  Male

Altered:  Neutered

Vaccinations: Up to Date

Heartworm:  Negative

Microchip: AKC Reunite

Cats: Unknown


Merry Christmas everyone, Diamond checking in. I hope everyone has been enjoying the colder temperatures, I know I have! I still love being outside as long as there is no ice, that stuff can be very slippery and I can't keep my feet under me. Lately I've been busy stealing all the toys from my siblings. I've also decided the cat is no longer a friend and could be a tasty treat, I'd rather be in an only dog home.
I'm not sure if you know, but I had a birthday recently. That makes me 15 going on 5! I may be 15 but you wouldn't know it if you met me, I'm still a puppy at heart. ️
Please won't you consider adding me to your home this holiday. 

Love, Diamond

Hey WGSPR Folks. Did you know I turned 15 yrs young in November? Yep and I am still going strong. My foster family changed up dog food for me and I am gaining some weight and my poop issues are resolving. I also get hip and joint supplements which allows me to twist and turn and run about. Hoping to find my furever home soon! Happy Holidays!
Love, Diamond

10/22/17: Hi everyone, Diamond here. I'm back with the rescue and looking for my furever home. My foster parents said I've been doing great. I get along with my foster siblings and even tolerate the cat! I love going for walks and being outside... well, as long as my foster parents are with me. I also love food! I may be 14 years old but I can sniff out anything left out on the counter. My foster parents say I'm the ultimate Velcro dog, I'm always by their side, inside and outside. I love to snuggle on the couch with my foster dad while he rubs my ears. I may be 14 but I have a lot of love to give, like lots and lots of kisses! I will be back soon with another update! Diamond

5/31/17: Hi Folks: Rumor has it that I am going to my new home very soon. I hear it is a lovely home in the country with lots of places to run and I even get to play with another GSP! I am soooo excited. Love, Diamond

4/28/17: Diamond is doing fairly well. Eating and drinking normal, he loves his food! He is having some back hip issues. Walking is fine but he is very uncomfortable trying to lay down. He will walk around the house in circles to avoid laying down. will keep you updated if that helps at all. Other than that, he loves car rides, treats/food and walks! We went for a short walk this afternoon and he acted just like a little puppy!

4/20/17: WGSPR welcomes 14 year old Diamond into rescue. Diamond is up to date on his vaccinations and neutered. Diamond was an outdoor dog most of his life and was rescued about 4 years ago. Due to some life changes and a move, his rescuers had to give him up. He is now safe in WGSPR and we will find his new furever home. Diamond has become quite the people-­-pooch. He has a morning song when it’s time to eat, when friends come to the door, he picks up a toy and shows it off very proudly, his tail always seems to be wagging, he is trained with a distance collar, and he walks well and knows his commands. He still has many tail wags and curious, nose-­-sniffing walks and escapades ahead of him. Diamond is healthy, is not on any prescriptions, doesn’t mind other dogs, and is very respectful to his people. He does prefer to go out at noon as holding his business from early morning until after work is hard for him to do. He’s perfectly happy in his comfy crate during the day. He is very fun-­-loving, athletic, has a goofy personality, was originally trained and had competed as a bird dog, and is now enjoying his lovely life of being able to walk or run around with his people. More to come on Diamond as we get to know him!

If you are interested in adopting Diamond, please complete our adoption application at http://www.wgspr.com/adoption.htm