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License #403447

Bree (Breeze)- Available for Adoption


Breed:  German Shorthaired Pointer

Age:  11 yrs old

Sex:  Female

Altered:  Yes

Vaccinations:  Up to date

Heartworm:  Negative

Microchip: 24 PetWatch

Cats: Not known

Greetings Breeze here! I’ve been working very hard these past three weeks. I don’t like that invisible fence thing so I stay close to the house. Sometimes I can’t help myself and bounce out into the yard a little farther and oh my goodness is it fun to bounce. My fosters have been trying different words on me and discovered some that I recognize. That has made things a whole lot easier to understand.
My foster mom is going to work longer this past week and she tells me that I’m a very good girl. I think it’s because I get the run of the house and I don’t have accidents in the house and I haven’t destroyed anything. My foster brother is a whole different story.
I think Bongo, my foster brother, is ready for me to find my furever family. He pushes between me and mom whenever she gives me love. That’s ok cause I give him a kiss too and he seems to like it.
My hair is growing back and I am really doing well since my surgery. The Rescue and my foster mom did some research and have decided to put me on flaxseed for the sarcoma. The flaxseed will delay the return of any tumors and also help with my joints as I get older. That’s good cause I like to bounce and I’m not ready to give that up yet. That's all till next time, TTFN.


Greetings All! I’m ready!
It has been a bumpy ride these last few weeks. I had to go back into surgery to have a blood clot removed and drain tubes put in. After that they put me on some meds to keep me quiet. Now I’m all healed and off the meds. Oh boy I can run like the wind. Too bad it has been raining because I don’t like my feet getting wet.
The Vet says I will be ok and that I can get another tumor but it can be slowed down with medication. The vet is looking into cost efficient meds for whom ever takes me to my forever home. Until we hear more from the vet my foster mom has started me on Flaxseed Oil. They use this in Europe to treat dogs with cancer. My foster mom treated another one of her dogs and she lived to be very old without any complications from cancer.
I’m still learning on the invisible fence and sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t. Could be why my foster mom keeps the lead rope on me. It is the same with “sit” but I’m trying. I do “stay” very well and mom gives me lots of love after.
I love giving kisses and curling up on my foster families lap. I have been aloud to have run of the house when the foster mom and dad are gone. I play with all the toys in the house but don't chew on anything I'm not supposed to. I love my freedom and curling up on the couch for a nap while they're away. The counter is tempting but my foster mom knows to keep things away from the edge. Time to go outside for a little exercise now, TTFN.

Hi, I’m Breeze and I’m new to the Rescue. My family wasn’t able to keep me anymore so they turned me over to the Humane Society who contacted the Rescue because last year my brother Bongo was helped by them. I’m a small girl, only about 45 pounds and around 11 years old. I have a long tail and still have dew claws. I love being touched and to cuddle. I still have a lot of energy for my age and size. Yesterday I met a very nice lady and man and their two German Shorthair Pointer. It turns out that one of them is my brother Bongo. They gave me hugs, told me they are going to make me feel better and are going to be my foster family. My first day at my foster home was very exciting and it was hard for me to relax. They have a big yard with lots of great smells. My foster brother and sister don’t pay much attention to me but my mom and dad tell me how pretty and good I am. My foster parents asked me to do a lot of things some of them I didn’t understand and my nose was too busy to pay attention. Mom tried the whistle and that got my attention. Now she gives a little tug on my lead and says come and I do. I’m working on sit and I know how to stay. My name is Breeze but I do better with Bree so that is what my fosters are calling me. Mom says I have a very soft mouth but that could be that I don’t always like what she is giving me or because my teeth hurt (I should have eaten more vegetables). My foster parents seem to understand that when I start to pace I’m telling them that I need to go outside. I like to sleep on the furniture and there is a big chair that I really like. My first night went well. My foster siblings have a bed on each side of the parent’s bed and mine is at the foot of the bed. At first my foster Mom laid with me and I fell asleep, I was so tired after the excitement of the day. I slept through the night and only got up when my foster brother said we could to go outside and have breakfast. Today I’m told is another big day. Mom says I’m getting a bath, whatever that is, and my nails trimmed. I’ll let you know how that goes. Oh, Mom calls me a Tigger so I will close with TTFN.

Good morning Breeze here. Day 2 and I have to tell I’m not a fan of baths. The water was warm but I just didn’t like it. I started to shake so my foster dad let me put my head in his arm pit for comfort. I stayed still like they asked and now I’m soft and smell really good. My foster mom looked close at my nails and decide it would be best to get them trimmed at the vet so we are waiting until tomorrow to make a special trip. Maybe my feet will feel better. After my morning outing I like to play with the toys and my foster parents. They play tug and I like to shake the squeakies. I spent most of the rest of the day sleeping and just hanging out. My foster mom had to go to the store and so we all jumped in her big car and went. I like the front seat but so does my foster brother so I had to sit in the back. My foster sister likes to put her head out the window. I just lay down until we get there and then I like to look around. While my foster mom was in the store my brother barked and cried, what a baby. I just lay in mom’s seat and wait. My foster mom says that makes me a good rider. Since I’ve been here they have been giving me the same food as my foster brother. It is small pieces and grain free so it didn’t upset my stomach. My foster mom says I’m picky, wouldn’t you be if the offered you some green stuff they call broccoli, yuck. I REALLY have to go now so I’ll let you know how the nails go, TTFN.

9/9/17: Breeze who is estimated at 9-11 yrs old found her way to rescue today. More to come on Breeze as she needs to get her health evaluated. Thank you to Fred and Denise for opening your home to Breeze!!

If you are interested in adopting Bree, please complete our adoption application at www.wgpsr.com/adoption.htm