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License #403447

Annabelle - In Foster Care, Under Evaluation, Not Currently Available for Adoption

Name:  Annabelle

Breed:  German Shorthaired Pointer

Age:  3 yrs old

Sex:  Female

Altered:  Spayed

Vaccinations:  Up to date

Heartworm:  Negative

Microchip: AKC Reunite

Cats: Not tested 

Annabelle Will Not be Available for Adoption until we feel she is ready for a new home.

6/4/18:  Update from Foster:
Annabelle is a love.  She is so affectionate and cuddly. She's a beauty and loves her walks and does her pointing and hunting mainly in the backyard for now. She is interested in doves, rabbits and squirrels.  She is ambidextrous when it comes to pointing, right leg and left leg.  Annabelle is also a great guard dog, if something doesn't sound right to her she will let you know.

She enjoys being in a car although her preferred spot is in the front seat and II prefer her in the back  
right now she is very vocal but has the same bark for whatever she needs and I am getting better at reading her now.

We've had some altercations with dogs on our walks but she has handled it well and she was not the instigator. Annabelle is comfortable with other people in the house when you let her know it's ok. She is very strong and likes to play.

Annabelle is not crated as I have gates up in the kitchen and dining room and she has the upstairs bedroom and bathroom.  There is a lot of light in my house but the shades and curtains are down in the bedroom so she wont bark during the day when I'm at work.  

We are working on her barking and jumping on people and getting her some training to help us with her.   We also need to work on dog socialization due to some issues in her past that were not her fault.