Wisconsin German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue Inc.

WGSPR is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to rescuing German Shorthaired Pointers (GSPs)
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WELCOME to Wisconsin German
horthaired Pointer Rescue Inc. (WGSPR)

Thank you for visiting our rescue.  Wisconsin German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue is an all volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of adoptable German Shorthaired Pointers.

About Wisconsin German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue Inc. (WGSPR)

Wisconsin German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

(WGSPR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

covering the state of Wisconsin and upper

peninsula of Michigan.   We save GSPs from

shelters, humane societies, and owner

surrenders.  Our rescued dogs are placed into

foster homes to be loved, nurtured, trained and in

some cases nursed back to health while we find

the perfect permanent home and loving family

for them.

We cannot do this without help, so please click the links to donate and volunteer to see how you can help save a dogs life!


News and Events

A Second chance:  WGSPR celebrates 10 years of helping dogs

WGSPR celebrated 10 years of rescuing dogs in August of 2016.  Learn more by clicking the article written by Emily Pyrek of the LaCrosse Tribune


WGSPR Partners with Project Blue Collar (8/3/16)

WGSPR is proud to partner with Project Blue Collar.  WGSPR is the first breed rescue as a recipient of their BOGO collars and leashes:.  When you get a collar or leash from one of their BOGO collections from today through 8/15, WGSPR will receive the equivalent to use for their adoptable GSPs.

WGSPR Partners with K9Supply.org (7/12/16)

WGSPR is proud to partner with K9Supply.org. A portion of the sales will benefit WGSPR!

All you need to do is create an account, write-in "Wisconsin German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue" when asked, shop! On your invoice you will see how much K9Supply was able to give to WGSPR!  


WGSPR Partners with Snoring Dogs.com (6/9/16)

WGSPR is proud to partner with Snoring Dogs!  If you purchase a Snoring Dogs pet bed and provide WGSPR's information, you will receive a 5% discount and WGSPR will receive a contribution equal to 10% of the bed’s purchase price.


WGSPR Partners with Chewy.com (06/03/16)

WGSPR is proud to partner with Chewy.com! Place your order with our link and WGSPR will get $20 donated from Chewy.com

THANK YOU for your support!

WGSPR Announces Webstore (05/28/16)

WGSPR is excited to announce the upgrade of our website and the opening of our WGSPR Webstore!

We know have WGSPR merchandise, rescue merchandise for purchase! Come check us out...

Special THANK YOU to Matt Holman for the assistance with the merchandise pictures.

Support WGSPR's First Aid Fundraiser!  (05/26/16)

We all need a first aid kit and many times after the fact! Why not prepare yourself now and order one and support WGSPR as well!

First Aid kits are available for all your first aid needs! 
Pets, Sports, Auto, Home, Outdoor and more!

Click here to find the Contents of Each Kit

THANK YOU for your Support!

WGSPR Rescues Saves the Fabulous Four (05/07/16)

Missy, Max, Rocky and Daisy have been used for breeding for most their lives. All four were kept in very small outdoor kennels on cement pads with a small dog house.  WGSPR could use a little help to cover the vet bills for these GSPs.  Donations can be made through our Donate button on this page or by reading the full story and contributing through YouCaring  at: https://www.youcaring.com/daisy-max-missy-rocky-567407 

German Shorthaired Pointers Surge in Popularity Following Westminster Dog Show 

 WGSPR's volunteer Nicole Chapin and Coda's new family conducted an interview with Wausau's Channel 7 WSAW News about WGSPR and GSPs.


WGSPR Assists in WI Hoarding Case (02/2016)

WGSPR worked with Oneida County Humane Society in saving three GSP brothers rescued from a hoarding case.  Cecil, Valentino, and Benjamin have all made it into rescue in February.  We continue to work with the shelter to bring in the fourth brother.  Click here for more information. 


THANK YOU to all that have donated to the Hoarding Case GSPs (Cecil, Valentino (formerly Hour Glass, and Baby Boy.   For more information on these boys and their situation, please click: https://www.youcaring.com/cecil-baby-boy-and-hour-glass-515209 

2015 Great SAVES
WGSPR is proud to share that we rescued and saved 59 Pointers in 2015.   50 of them found new homes and are staying warm in their new homes!  Take a look at how happy they look! 


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